NoCalc Scale Prevention CombiCompact Starter Kit

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Outstanding Scale Prevention
Actually “Seals” the Plumbing and Surfaces Against Hardness
Does Not Break Down at Higher Temperatures
Lowest Cost System with Highest Performance
Needs Prefiltration Ahead of it

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Product Description

Product Description

NoCalc Compact Scale Prevention CombiCompact Starter Pack

The new standard in salt free water conditioning technology brought to you by America's Most Trusted Water Company. It prevents scale formation on plumbing and appliances while delivering softer, healthier skin. There is not a system on the market today that can prevent scale like the NoCalc - pure and simple!

The NoCalc system is the new revolutionary and economic way to deal with hard water. The NoCalc system totally prevents limescale on and in appliances, pipes, fixtures - actually everything water touches. Our new NoCalc system is the new standard by which all salt free water conditioners will ultimately be judged. The NoCalc Technology effectively "Seals" the plumbing and appliance surfaces so that calcium and magnesium (often called limescale) cannot stick. Additionally, the NoCalc water treatment method is environmentally friendly, uses no electricity and 100% safe for drinking water.

City water is also bad for your skin. Dermatologists and specialists often recommend that patients treat hard water because it is gentler to your skin. Skin irritations and infections can be prevented or considerably reduced by treating city water before use. By using the NoCalc, your skin will know the difference!

NoCalc Benefits

  • Completely safe for drinking water
  • Easy to fit and low maintenance
  • No electricity needed - No waste water
  • Long life cartridges of approximately 20,000 gallons - typically two to three months for the average family
  • Extends the life of appliances: dishwasher, washing machine, water heater, faucets, etc.
  • Cleaner bathrooms, showers and kitchens
  • Saves up to 40% on energy by reducing cost of energy bills
  • Low purchasing and maintenance costs, pays for itself within one year

How It Works

The NoCalc system uses a unique and patented dosing system which adds a small amount silicopolyphosphate (a food grade material) to the water, effectively "sealing" Calcium and Magnesium from sticking to any surface or pipes. Silcopolyphosphate is a "food grade" product and is safe for human consumption according to the WHO and FAO recommendations. It meets all FDA requirements for being "food grade." Cities have used it for years on a smaller scale - it is completely safe.  If you also want to remove 35,000 other contaminants that can be in your water, like chemicals, rocket fuel, pharmaceuticals, TCE, THM's and many others, then we suggest using Reverse Osmosis for drinking, cooking and the like.

NoCalc Maintenance

The NoCalc Cartridge is a slow-dissolving, slow-release canister that is rated to last 20,000 gallons. This can vary, based upon your water hardness and usage. In some cases, it can last up to 4 months and in others it might only last six (6) weeks. You can visibly see the level of media left in the cartridge so that when it is empty, you simply do the following to change the cartridge:

  1. Turn off the inlet water;
  2. Relieve the pressure by opening a faucet;
  3. Slowly remove the yellow chamber with the small wrench;
  4. Remove the cartridge and insert the new one;
  5. Put a thin layer of silicone on the rubber seal area;
  6. Put the seal back on the yellow chamber and screw back on.
  7. Hand tighten

Note: The NoCalc system requires a five (5) micron pre-filter ahead of it, so if you purchase the NoCalc, it is assumed that you have some type of existing pre-filter. If you have an older Greenwave, Pelican Water, or any other tank-type salt free system, we can retro-fit it with the NoCalc system. Call one of our Certified Specialists at 800-608-8792 to get details.

Water Quality Parameters

  • Application: Municipal water, but can be used on surface or well water with proper pre-treatment
  • Flow Rate: Designed to flow up to 15 GPM, but flow rate can be exceeded for short periods of time.
  • Thread Size: 3/4" FNPT
  • Maximum Hardness: 80 GPG
  • Maximum Iron: Zero
  • Maximum Sulfur: Zero
  • Maximum Manganese: Zero
  • Maximum Oil: Zero
  • Maximum Copper: 1.3 mg/l
  • pH: 6 to 9
  • Feed Water Pressure: 20 to 100 psi
  • Feed Water Temperature: 38° to 100° F

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Availability In Stock
Manufacturer US Water Systems
Pre-Filter No
Carbon Filter No
Warranty Filter Housing - 5 Years

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Ratings & Reviews

Ratings & Reviews

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Product FAQs

Product FAQs

  • On buying the GREEN WAVE SOLO SALT-FREE WATER CONDITIONER and adding the hot water filter. plus ordering US WATER BIG BLUE COMMERCIAL FILTER HOUSING 4.5 X 20 | H-4520 with the 5 micron filter, The order of install would be US WATER BIG BLUE COMMERCIAL FILTER HOUSING 4.5 X 20 | H-4520 with the 5 micron filter next in line would be the GREEN WAVE SOLO SALT-FREE WATER CONDITIONER, next is the hot water heater then the hot water filter?

    Yes that installation order is correct.  If you want to install the big blue filter on the main cold water line (that way it can filter for the whole house) with the Green Wave Solo on the cold water line before the water heater (so it treats the water to be heated only) that would be ideal.

  • I have a well, love the taste of the water. The well water is hard and we have lime scale and build up. I have read that hot water is where the lime scale comes from. 1. Lime scale is what i'm worried about, I just purchased a new washer and dryer and hot water heater. Dryer has a waterline for steam refreshing(used very little if ever). There are two of us living in the house. Can I get away with using the GREEN WAVE SOLO SALT-FREE WATER CONDITIONER just on the hot water?(installing filter on the cold water line just before the hot water heater only) 2. What kind of prefilter will I need? Will this type of installation prevent lime scale damage to my washer?Whats the cost of replacement filters?

    Yes, in fact that is what we suggest.  Limescale does not form until water with high levels of hardness is heated.   We suggest installing it ahead of the water heater and not on the cold line.  You will need the hot water filter as well to trap the limescale that precipitates, but does not stick. 

    I would suggest a 5 micron pre-filter:

    As for replacement cartridges:

  • will this product remove salt from my water

    No, only Reverse Osmosis will do that.

  • What is the safety tests/measurements/guidelines with ingesting the silicopolyphosphate added to the water? I don't want to trade one problem for another. Thanks

    It is FDA approved (meaning they have tested it), but I recommend a reverse osmosis systems which removes the polyphosphate and hundreds of other chemicals much worse than that:

  • Can this unit be installed vertically? My main comes into my basement then immediately runs up the wall and then splits. There isn't any good horizontal location to mount the unit into.


  • Water test shows; 0.10mg/l Iron and 0.4mg/l Magnesium. Can I use The Green Wave with these levels of iron and Magnesium?

    Yes, you can use the Green Wave but you will need to remove the Iron first.