Matrixx Tannin Removal System With Smartphone Integration

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The Matrixx™ Tannin Removal System utilizes a combination of professional-grade parts and industry-leading Tanex resin to completely resolve even the toughest tannin problems. Most tannin systems on the market today utilize a cheaper styrene-based resin which can remove about 65 - 70% of the tannins from your water. For the Matrixx Tannin Removal System, we've gone all-in with a resin that costs significantly more and ensures that the system performs at the standard our customers demand. Tanex is a proprietary blend of styrene and acrylic resins that removes 99.5 - 100% of the tannins in your water. This system uses salt to regenerate the anion resin, so while it may look like a water softener, it will not soften your water. 

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The Matrix Tannin Removal System utilizes a combination of professional grade parts and industry leading anion resin to completely resolve even the toughest of tannin problems. This system uses salt to regenerate the anion resin, so while it may look like a water softener, it will not soften your water. If you have water with a hardness above 5 gpg it is highly recommended that you place this system after a water softener to ensure proper performance and longevity.



Key Features

  • Precise Electronic Metering assures that you will have tannins removed even under high flow days
  • Provides the data necessary for the most efficient systems optimization and efficiency.
  • Easy programming and no confusing codes. Brine tank with Nitrate free water keeps controls in tip-top operating condition
  • 12 Volt Electrical System Uses less than $2.00 a year of electricity
  • Utilizes all NSF Certified components 
  • Chrome tank protector Always looks new and wipes clean easily. Looks just as good in 20 years!
  • The Best Warranty in the Business - Lifetime on tanks | 10-Year on the valve and electronics (Includes Internal Parts)



Stay Connected to Your Water

Our smart valve system integrates directly with your smartphone via Bluetooth 5.0. Simply download the free Legacy View companion app, pair the devices, and you'll have access to a real-time dashboard and settings.

The application allows you to adjust the hardness of your water to your desired specifications and track and monitor all water usage.

  • Communicates with your
    Smartphone via Bluetooth

  • Simply set the time of day, time of
    regeneration, and backwash

  • Fully programmable cycles

Legacy View        
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Benefits Of Tannin Removal

Tannins are fermented organic materials that are created when vegetation is broken down. Tannins do not pose any health risks, they tend to make water have an unpleasant tea-like discoloration, which is usually accompanied by musty odor and a tangy aftertaste. This water discoloration has the potential to permanently stain dinnerware and porcelain fixtures.

Removing Tannin leaves water clear, odorless, and refreshing. Tannin is often confused with high iron content due to water discoloration. The best practice is purchase one of our professional laboratory testing kits to ensure you get a system that treats your exact water needs.