Matrixx Smart Metered Water Softener

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Meet the Matrixx, our high efficiency, eco-friendly water softening system. This system combines the industry-leading Vortech tank technology with our premium high capacity resin, and smart valve technology. The Matrixx provides soft water using either salt or potassium, and features the following:


-Limited lifetime warranty (10 years on the electronic valve) ( lifetime on the tank) 

-EcoSmart backwashing for minimal water waste

-Up to 70% savings on salt consumption

-One-touch programming 

-Free Legacy View app for complete system control

-Up to 40% savings on energy costs

-Up to 50% savings on cleaning products

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US Water Systems Matrixx Smart Metered Water Softener – 1”Flow/20 GPM

Discover the Matrixx Smart Water Softener, a seamless blend of industry-leading technology and efficiency in water treatment. Engineered to accommodate high demands, the Matrixx delivers an astounding flow rate of up to 20 gallons per minute. The integrated Bluetooth technology revolutionizes your user experience, making programming, monitoring, and ownership a breeze. What sets the Matrixx apart is its StackFlow distributor tube and lower basket. This innovative design ensures improved water flow and markedly reduces pressure loss. But efficiency doesn't stop there; with its smart programming, Matrixx can diminish water and salt consumption by an impressive 70%, making it one of the most efficient water softeners available. Ensuring durability and reliability, the Matrixx boasts an American-made tank and offers an optional sediment pre-filter for enhanced water treatment. Experience the difference with Matrixx — where modern technology meets unparalleled efficiency.