Matrixx Water Softener With Smartphone Integration

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Meet the Matrixx, our high efficiency, eco-friendly water softening system. This system combines the industry-leading Vortech tank technology with our premium high capacity resin, and smart valve technology. The Matrixx provides soft water using either salt or potassium, and features the following:

-Limited lifetime warranty (10 years on the electronic valve) ( lifetime on the tank) 

-EcoSmart backwashing for minimal water waste

-Up to 70% savings on salt consumption

-One-touch programming 

-Free Waterlogix app for complete system control

-Up to 40% savings on energy costs

-Up to 50% savings on cleaning products

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US Water Systems Matrixx Water Softener With Smartphone Integration

The Matrixx Water Softener features the industry leading Vortech tank technology. This technology allows for significant increases in both softening and filtering capacities when compared to standard systems. With up to 70% savings on annual salt consumption and up to 40% less pressures drop, the Vortech tank is the most efficient tank on the market to date.

Key Features:

Lifetime warranty on Tank and Resin

10 years warranty on Valve and Electronics

Smartphone integration with customizable precision tuning

Vortech resin tank for optimal flow

Premium 10% crosslinked Ion Exchange Resin

Easy to read dashboard for monitoring usage

1 internal moving part – less chance of malfunction

Up to 27GPM with 1” port

Battery backup for power outages

Low voltage – power savings

Leading The Industry

At US Water Systems, we believe that you deserve the best possible product. That’s why we’ve taken our best tank and partnered it with proprietary smart valve technology. Our smart valve system integrates directly with your smartphone via Bluetooth 5.0. Simply download the free Waterlogix companion app, pair the devices, and you’ll have access to a real-time dashboard and settings. The application allows you to adjust the hardness of your water to your desired specifications and track and monitor all water usage.

Add An Optional Pre-filter - Save $100

We believe in engineering effective solutions for all of your water issues. That’s why we recommend a Magna 5-Micro Pre-filter for every Matrixx Water Softener. This is the only filter on that market that uses patented Posi-Seal technology to ensure 100% filtration with zero bypass. Prefilters are the best insurance for prolonging the life of both your water softener and household appliances. Best of all, it's 100% Made in the USA!

The Only Home Appliance That Saves More Than It Costs



Tank Size9" X 48"10" x 54"12" X 52"13" x 54"
Capacity (cu/ft)
Maximum Capacity *35,000 Grains53,000 Grains70,000 Grains88,000 Grains
High Efficiency Settings **
Capacity15,000 Grains22,500 Grains30,000 Grains37,500 Grains
Salt Setting3 lbs4.5 lbs6 lbs7.5 lbs
Water Usage33 Gallons58 Gallons62 Gallons80.5 Gallons
Backwash2 Minutes3 Minutes4 Minutes5 Minutes
Brine/Rinse40 Minutes40 Minutes50 Minutes60 Minutes
Fast Rise4 Minutes5 Minutes6 Minutes7 Minutes
Brine Refill2 Minutes3 Minutes4 Minutes5 Minutes
Optimal Settings
Capacity24,000 Grains36,000 Grains48,000 Grains60,000 Grains
Salt Setting6 lbs9 lbs12 lbs15 lbs
Water Usage59 Gallons79 Gallons104 Gallons136 Gallons
Backwash10 Minutes10 Minutes10 Minutes10 Minutes
Brine/Rinse60 Minutes60 Minutes60 Minutes60 Minutes
Fast Rise10 Minutes10 Minutes10 Minutes10 Minutes
Brine Refill4 Minutes6 Minutes8 Minutes10 Minutes
Maximum Settings
Capacity32,000 Grains48,000 Grains64,000 Grains80,000 Grains
Salt Setting15 lbs23 lbs30 lbs38 lbs
Water Usage67 Gallons89 Gallons120 Gallons149 Gallons
Backwash8 Minutes10 Minutes10 Minutes12 Minutes
Brine/Rinse60 Minutes70 Minutes80 Minutes80 Minutes
Fast Rise8 Minutes9 Minutes10 Minutes12 Minutes
Brine Refill10 Minutes16 Minutes20 Minutes25 Minutes
Backwash Flow2.0 gpm2.4 gpm3.5 gpm4.0 gpm
Brine Flow0.5 gpm
Service Flow Rate10 gpm15 gpm20 gpm25 gpm
Peak Flow Rate12 gpm17 gpm22 gpm27 gpm
Pressure Drop @ Service Flow5-7 PSI
Pressure Drop @ Peak Flow15-20 PSI
Water PressureMin. 20 - Max. 100 PSI
Water TemperatureMin 39° - Max. 100° Fahrenheit
Plumbing Connections1" or 3/4" NPT
Electrical RequirementsInput 100-240V, 50/60 Hz, 0.3A - Output 12V 500mA
Brine Tank Size15" x 17" x 36"15" x 17" x 36"15" x 17" x 36"15" x 17" x 36"
Salt Storage Capacity275 lbs275 lbs275 lbs275 lbs

* Capacity when new
** Treating moderate hardness only

Quality Craftsmanship - Guaranteed

Prefilter Is Optional For This System

additional information

WarrantyTanks: Lifetime Valve & Electronics: 10 Years (Includes Internal Parts) Resin: Lifetime
Resin Type10% Crosslinked
ManufacturerUS Water Systems