US Water Systems Matrixx Smart Water Softener With Drop Home Protection

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Meet the next evolution of our best-selling Matrixx Water Softener - by combining the Matrixx with drop technology, we were able to create a system that goes beyond the capabilities of a typical water softener. The Matrixx Smart Water Softener is a true Whole House Water Management System. Smart device and Alexa ready - pair the hub to the softener and download the free app. Get a Free Matrixx Leak Detector for a limited time with the purchase of this system. The Matrixx provides soft water using either salt or potassium and features the following: 

- 10 year bumper to bumper warranty 

- Lifetime Tank Warranty 

- EcoSmart Backwashing to minimize water waste 

- Remote shut off and Bypass from any smart device 

- Salt alert - Sends alert to your phone when salt is low 

- Matrixx Flow Detector - Send alerts to when there's a leak  

- 1 Free Matrixx Leak Detector Included (99.95 value) 

- Up to 70% savings on salt consumption 

- Up to 40% savings on energy costs 


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The Matrixx Water Softener features the industry-leading Vortech tank technology. This technology allows for significant increases in both softening and filtering capacities when compared to standard systems. With up to 70% savings on annual salt consumption and up to 40% less pressure drop, the Vortech tank is the most efficient tank on the market to date.

The Future Of Water Treatment

The Matrixx Smart Water Softener pairs with the Matrixx Drop Hub to connect directly with your home's Wi-Fi network. Download the Drop App on your Smartphone and enjoy one-touch programming, or fine-tune your system to be a custom as you need. Matrixx Drop Hub is a unique water management system; the hub monitors your water usage and can manage all of your water-using appliances. The Matrixx Smart Water Softener can operate without an active internet connection and send mobile alerts to your smart device using your Wi-Fi network.

This advanced water management system does all of this: 

  • Alert you about a week ahead of time to add salt. 
  • Shuts off the water to the house when it senses a risk and allows you to decide to shut off the water. 
  • If you went on vacation and forgot to shut the water off, you can shut it off when you are at the airport. 
  • It provides you with all the historical water usage data, such as gallons per day, week, month, year, and peak flow rate. 
  • It allows you to "precision program" the system for the ultimate in reducing salt usage and wastewater. 





How The Matrixx Smart Water Softener Works

The heart and the brain of the Matrixx Smart Water Softener is the Drop Smart Hub, which integrates all parts of your home water system. Using low-frequency radio waves, it communicates directly with any Drop Equipped device in your home. 

The Matrixx Drop Hub monitors all water systems devices 24/7/365 to ensure they are working correctly. The system sends notifications to your smart device through the Drop app by utilizing your home's Wi-Fi network. You can receive notifications if you have a water leak, need to add salt, or an unusual flow rate (such as a leak or toilet running continuously). 

Matrixx Leak Detectors 

Non-weather-related water damage is the second most common type of insurance claim for homeowners. So common that major insurance providers recommend installing water leak detection equipment in your home. Installing Matrixx Leak Detectors is the most reliable way to get peace of mind that your home and valuable possessions are protected from water events. Additionally, most insurance companies provide discounts of several hundred dollars a year on policyholders who install leak detectors.

Matrixx Remote

Matrixx  Remote This unique device is an excellent accessory with any other DROP-powered product. This smart remote not only lets your turn on/off your water with a button, but it will also notify you of your system status and events. If a leak detector senses a leak, this will display on the Matrixx remote as well as on the DROP mobile app.

How The Matrixx Smart Water Softener Saves Money 

  • It is seven times more likely you will have a flood in your home than your home will be burglarized, yet you probably have a Burglar Alarm System. 
  • The Matrixx protects your home from leaks, floods, costly repairs that result from the flood, and the inconvenience that follows. 
  • The Matrixx alerts you of abnormal water usage and shuts the water off to prevent flood damage. 

*Note: All Matrixx Products require a Matrixx DROP Hub to function 


The Matrixx Smart Water Softener is the intelligent home automation solution for all your household water needs. Utilizing Internet of Things (IoT) technology, our residential water softener products offer cutting-edge convenience, sustainable performance, and built-in damage prevention capabilities. 

Model Number MXD-075 MXD-100 MXD-150 MXD-200
Tank Size 8" x 44" 9" x 48" 10" x 54" 12" x 52"
Capacity (cu/ft) 0.75 1 1.5 2
Maximum Capacity* 27,000 Grains 35,000 Grains 53,000 Grains 70,000 Grains
High-Efficiency Settings** 11,250 Grains 15,000 Grains 22,500 Grains 30,000 Grains
Salt Setting 2 lbs 3 lbs 4.5 lbs 6 lbs
Water Usage 30 Gallons 33 Gallons 41 Gallons 62 Gallons
Backwash 2 Minutes 2 Minutes 3 Minutes 4 minutes
Brine/Rinse 40 Minutes 40 Minutes 40 Minutes 50 Minutes
Fast Rinse 4 Minutes 4 Minutes 5 Minutes 6 Minutes
Brine Refill 1 Minute 2 Minutes 3 Minutes 4 Minutes
Optimal Settings 18,000 Grains 24,000 Grains 36,000 Grains 48,000 Grains
Salt Setting 4.5 lbs 6 lbs 9 lbs 12 lbs
Water Usage 51 Gallons 72 Gallons 81 Gallons 104 Gallons
Backwash 8 Minutes 10 Minutes 10 Minutes 10 Minutes
Brine/Rinse 50 Minutes 60 Minutes 60 Minutes 60 Minutes
Fast Rinse 8 Minutes 10 Minutes 10 Minutes 10 Minutes
Brine Refill 3 Minutes 4 Minutes 6 Minutes 8 Minutes
Maximum Settings 24,000 Grains 32,000 Grains 48,000 Grains 64,000 Grains
Salt Setting 11 lbs 15 lbs 23 lbs 30 lbs
Water Usage 53 Gallons 67 Gallons 89 Gallons 120 Gallons
Backwash 8 Minutes 8 Minutes 10 Minutes 10 Minutes
Brine/Rinse 50 Minutes 60 Minutes 70 Minutes 80 Minutes
Fast Rinse 8 Minutes 8 Minutes 9 Minutes 10 Minutes
Brine Refill 7 Minutes 10 Minutes 16 Minutes 20 Minutes
Backwash Flow Control 1.5 2.0 2.4 3.5
Brine Flow Control (GPM) 0.5
Service Flow Rates 7 GPM 10 GPM 15 GPM 20 GPM
Peak Flow Rates 10 GPM 12 GPM 17 GPM 22 GPM
Pressure Drop @ Service 5-7 PSI
Pressure Drop @ Peak Flow 15-200 PSI
Water Pressure 20 PSI Min / 100 PSI Max
Water Temperature 39°F Min / 100°F Max
Plumbing Connections 1" or 3/4" MPT
Electrical Requirements 100-240V, 50/60 Hz, 0.3 A / Output 12V, 500mA
Brine Tank Size 15" 17" x 36"
Salt Storage Capacity 275 lbs

System Includes The Following

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WarrantyTanks: Lifetime Valve & Electronics: 10 Years (Includes Internal Parts) Resin: Lifetime
Resin Type10% Crosslinked
ManufacturerUS Water Systems