US Water Systems Matrixx Smart Water Softener With Drop Home Protection

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Meet the next evolution of our best-selling Matrixx Water Softener - by combining the Matrixx with drop technology, we were able to create a system that goes beyond the capabilities of a typical water softener. The Matrixx Smart Water Softener is a true Whole House Water Management System. Smart device and Alexa ready - pair the hub to the softener and download the free app. Get a Free Matrixx Leak Detector for a limited time with the purchase of this system. The Matrixx provides soft water using either salt or potassium and features the following: 

- 10 year bumper to bumper warranty 

- Lifetime Tank Warranty 

- EcoSmart Backwashing to minimize water waste 

- Remote shut off and Bypass from any smart device 

- Salt alert - Sends alert to your phone when salt is low 

- Matrixx Flow Detector - Send alerts to when there's a leak  

- 1 Free Matrixx Leak Detector Included (99.95 value) 

- Up to 70% savings on salt consumption 

- Up to 40% savings on energy costs 


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Discover the Matrixx DROP Water Softener, a seamless blend of industry-leading technology and efficiency in water treatment. Engineered to accommodate high demands, the Matrixx delivers an astounding flow rate of up to 20 gallons per minute. What sets the Matrixx apart is its StackFlow distributor tube and lower basket. This innovative design ensures improved water flow and markedly reduces pressure loss. But efficiency doesn't stop there; with its smart programming, Matrixx can diminish water and salt consumption by an impressive 70%, making it one of the most efficient water softeners available. Ensuring durability and reliability, the Matrixx boasts an American-made tank and offers an optional sediment pre-filter for enhanced water treatment. Experience the difference with Matrixx — where modern technology meets unparalleled efficiency.

The Future Of Water Treatment

The Matrixx Smart Water Softener pairs with the Matrixx Drop Hub to connect directly with your home's Wi-Fi network. Download the Drop App on your Smartphone and enjoy one-touch programming, or fine-tune your system to be a custom as you need. Matrixx Drop Hub is a unique water management system; the hub monitors your water usage and can manage all of your water-using appliances. The Matrixx Smart Water Softener can operate without an active internet connection and send mobile alerts to your smart device using your Wi-Fi network.

This advanced water management system does all of this: 

  • Alert you about a week ahead of time to add salt. 
  • Shuts off the water to the house when it senses a risk and allows you to decide to shut off the water. 
  • If you went on vacation and forgot to shut the water off, you can shut it off when you are at the airport. 
  • It provides you with all the historical water usage data, such as gallons per day, week, month, year, and peak flow rate. 
  • It allows you to "precision program" the system for the ultimate in reducing salt usage and wastewater. 





How The Matrixx Smart Water Softener Works

The heart and the brain of the Matrixx Smart Water Softener is the Drop Smart Hub, which integrates all parts of your home water system. Using low-frequency radio waves, it communicates directly with any Drop Equipped device in your home. 

The Matrixx Drop Hub monitors all water systems devices 24/7/365 to ensu