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Matrixx Greensand Plus Iron Filtration System

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US Water Systems Matrixx™ Greeensand Plus Filtration System

The Matrixx™ Greensand Plus is designed to remove iron, manganese and small amounts of sulfur from the water supply with the manganese dioxide based greensand plus. A continuous feed of chlorine is used to keep the media activated. Most of the chlorine is consumed in the process, but if you need it all to be removed, the you can follow this up with a GAC Filter.

Stage 1: The Proportional Injection System injects chlorine into the water ahead of the Micro Bubble Contact Chamber. The meter assures that the precise amount of chlorine is added regardless of whether the flow is 1 GPM or 20 GPM. It delivers the precise amount needed every time.

Stage 2: The Micro Bubble Contact Chamber reduces a drop of water into hundreds of micro bubbles allowing the chlorine to mix 5 times faster, which means the reaction is 5 times faster! The Micro Bubbles are produced in the mixing and swirl chambers. You would need AT LEAST a 120 gallon retention tank to equal what the Micro Bubble Contact Chamber accomplishes. Much of the oxidized iron falls to the bottom of the tank, where it can periodically be flushed out (automatic flush valve is available or you can manually flush it).

Stage 3: The Greensand Plus Superfilter removes the rest of the iron on a continuous basis and only needs backwashed for a few minutes every few days. Backwashing removes any accumulated sediment or particulate that is in the system and re-classifies the Greensand Plus bed for maximum filtration. It only wastes a few gallons of water and uses less than $2.00 electricity a year.

Waterlogix™ App

  • Communicates with your Smartphone via Bluetooth
  • Simply set the time of day, time of regeneration, and backwash frequency
  • Uses 9 Volt battery, so that if power goes out during regeneration, it automatically returns to service so as not to continually waste water to the drain
  • Monitors remaining battery life
  • Fully programmable cycles
  • Can be "precision tuned"

The electronic control center is easy to set and once set, you never have to set it again (except for DST). The Matrixx™ system incorporates an automatic backwash which removes accumulated contaminants and automatically backwashes the filtration media. This eliminates pressure drop and keeps the media in top condition.


Engineering Information

  • 1" Inlet handles up to 25 GPM
  • System conforms to NSF/ANSI 61 Certified by WQA
  • Rated up to 100 psi
  • Low pressure drop - typically < 5 PSID (clean)
081-MXF-GS-1505 GPM7 GPM10" x 54"1.5 cu/ft
081-MXF-GS-20010 GPM10 GPM12" x 52"2.0 cu/ft
081-MXF-GS-25015 GPM10 GPM13" x 54"2.5 cu/ft
*081-MXF-GS-30020 GPM15 GPM14" x 65"3.0 cu/ft
*Tank is not available as a Vortech tank

Filter Size

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