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Did you know that as a homeowner, you are 700 to 800% more likely to have a flood than a burglary, and the odds are, you have a Home Security System, but what can you do to protect yourselves from floods? Water damage is one of the most costly repairs in your home. That’s why we now have DROP Technology. It safeguards your home from floods and leaks.

US Water Systems offers a full-line of Matrixx DROP Water Softeners and Filters for Water Treatment and Water Management, such as the following residential and commercial applications.


While DROP is very popular with a water softener and/or a backwashing filter, not everyone needs, wants or has a softener or filter. That is why we have the DROP Water Management System as an option for anyone, regardless of their water quality.



DROP is a unique water management system. Using the DROP Hub, DROP monitors
water usage and manages the water-related devices throughout your entire home.
DROP can operate locally without an internet connection or has the added ability to
send mobile alerts using your home’s WiFi network. This advanced system can shut off
water flow to your entire home automatically when it senses a risk and allows you to
make decisions on the course of action after the risk has been mitigated - all from your
mobile device. You can use it with or without a water softener or filter and if you use
it as a softener, it even alerts you when to add salt.

DROP Home Protection Valve

If you don’t need water treatment, but want to have leak detection and total control over your water systems, then the DROP Home Protection Valve is what you need. It provides the ability to shut off the water to the home when a problem is detected or it can be shut off manually through the app. Its built-in flow meter and pressure sensors can identify a broad range of problems such as continuous flow, leaky toilets, or even very small leaks from a faucet. When paired with DROP Leak Detectors through the DROP Hub, this system provides every method of leak detection available. In addition to all the benefits associated with minimizing costly water damage, the system provides useful data to aid in water conservation.



Our state-of-the-art smart hub is the heart and brains of the DROP Smart Water Management System. It integrates all your residential water treatment devices such as water softeners and filters, together with pumps, flow meters, valves, leak detectors and more.

*Note: All DROP Products require a DROP Hub to function

DROP Leak Detectors

With a DROP Water Management System, you never need to worry about coming home to frozen pipes, insanely high water bills or a flooded kitchen. These small, inconspicuous water-saving devices integrate with our smart water monitoring system to safeguard your home — and your pocketbook — from the hazards of water leaks and pipe bursts in the home. You can have two detectors or up to thirty-two detectors on each DROP hub.

DROP Remote

This unique device is an excellent accessory with any other DROP product. This smart remote not only lets your turn on/off your water with a button, but it will also notify you of your system status and events. If a leak detector senses a leak, this will display on the DROP remote as well as on the DROP mobile app.

DROP Salt Sensor

The DROP Salt Sensor notifies you to add salt before you run out. The salt sensor comes standard with all Matrixx DROP Softeners.

App Available from Google Play or Apple Store

   Demand Initiated Regeneration

   Treated Water Refill with Pre-Brine Option

   Adjustable Cycle Times

   9V Battery Backup for Power Loss

   Water Usage Data and History

   Provides text messages, emails and/or push notifications for low salt
        and other system information to your smartphone

   Turn Water off an on with one push of a button either on the valve or
        from your phone

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