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The Matrixx Catalytic Carbon Filter is designed to remove hydrogen sulfide (with the use of H2O2), chlorine, chemicals, pesticides and CHLORAMINES, utilizing Catalytic Granular Activated Carbon

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Matrixx Catalytic Carbon Superfilter Reduces Chloramines, Chlorine, and Most Other VOC (Volatile Organic Chemicals)

The Matrixx Catalytic Carbon Filter is designed to remove chlorine, chemicals, pesticides, and CHLORAMINES, utilizing Catalytic Granular Activated Carbon. This is one of the most effective methods for removing chloramines from municipal water supplies which use them. If your city doesn't use chloramines, the odds are they will soon, simply because it cuts their costs. Your city will likely switch to chloramines, so why not be prepared to remove both chlorine AND chloramines?

  • Chlorine is an oxidizer which is commonly used to reduce organic matter and/or disinfect water by municipalities
  • Chloramine is made by mixing chlorine and ammonia together which stabilizes the effects of the chlorine, resulting in much less being used
  • Chlorine is objectionable for bathing and drinking in concentrations as low as .5 PPM - A swimming pool may be 2.0 to 3.0 PPM
  • Once the water has been disinfected and arrives in your home, there is no further need for the chlorine or chloramine, and prolonged contact can be detrimental, according to many experts
  • The EPA states that chlorine combines with organics in the water to form THM's (trihalomethanes) which are known carcinogens
  • Read more about the Dangers Of Chlorine

The Matrixx Catalytic Carbon Backwashing Filter is fully automatic and uses all NSF and FDA approved components, including the catalytic granular activated carbon (CGAC). The electronic computer control cleans the carbon of accumulated contaminants while delivering clean, clear, fresh, chlorine, and chloramine-free water throughout your home. It also reduces chemicals, trihalomethanes (THM's), pesticides, heavy metals, tastes, and odors. The electronic control center is easy to set, and incorporates an automatic backwash which removes accumulated contaminants by automatically backwashing the filtration media. Typically, on municipal water, the system only needs to backwash every one to two weeks for just a few minutes.

The carbon used is a catalytic, high activity granular activated carbon manufactured by steam activation of select bituminous coal. The catalytic activity of this activated carbon makes it highly effective for the removal of chloramines from potable water. Its large micro-pore volume makes it particularly well suited for the removal of low molecular weight organic compounds and their chlorinated by-products such as chloroform and other trihalomethanes (THMs). An important feature of this material is its superior mechanical hardness and the extensive de-dusting during its manufacture ensures an exceptionally clean activated carbon product.

Who would be a candidate for a Fusion Catalytic Carbon system?

People who live in areas where the hardness is not a factor and simply want to remove the chloramines, chlorine and chemicals from the water supply or someone who already has softened water and wants to remove the chlorine, chloramines and chemicals. Granular activated carbon is the most effective way to dechlorinate water.


  • Removes chlorine, chloramine and other chemicals
  • Great tasting water from every tap in your house
  • No bad tastes
  • No foul odors
  • Crystal clear water for drinking, bathing and cooking
  • Long carbon life due to backwashing feature
  • You'll notice the difference in your skin and hair after just one bath or shower
  • Reduces chlorine, chloramine & other VOC contaminants

Waterlogix App

  • Communicates with your Smartphone via Bluetooth
  • Simply set the time of day, time of regeneration, and backwash frequency
  • Uses 9 Volt battery, so that if power goes out during regeneration, it automatically returns to service so as not to continually waste water to the drain
  • Monitors remaining battery life
  • Fully programmable cycles
  • Can be "precision tuned"

The electronic control center is easy to set and once set, you never have to set it again (except for DST). The Matrixx system incorporates an automatic backwash which removes accumulated contaminants and automatically backwashes the filtration media. This eliminates pressure drop and keeps the media in top condition.

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  • Electronic controller has only one internal moving part - simple to set. No complicated programming.
  • Includes built-in bypass valve
  • 12 Volt Electrical system uses less than $2.00 electricity per year
  • No danger of electrical shock
  • Long life catalytic carbon typically lasts 5+ years
  • Extremely user friendly
  • Low maintenance due to automatic operation
  • Lifetime Tank Warranty - 7-Years on Valve & Electronics
  • Chrome tank protector (on 5 and 10 GPM models only) always looks like new and wipes clean easily. Looks just as good in 20 years!

Other Uses for Catalytic Carbon Filters

Catalytic Carbon is also used in the US Water inFusion Hydrogen Peroxide Iron and Sulfur Removal Systems. In certain circumstances, an additional tank will have to be added due to certain troublesome water problems. This is that tank.

Not sure what size filter you need? Bigger is usually better but remember, a system should be sized according to flow rate that is available for backwashing. A system must be backwashed at the specified flow rate to ensure it is flushed properly.

081-MXF-CX-100 5 GPM 4 GPM 9" x 48" 1.0 cu/ft
081-MXF-CX-150 10 GPM 5 GPM 10" x 54" 1.5 cu/ft
081-MXF-CX-200 15 GPM 8 GPM 12" x 52" 2.0 cu/ft
081-MXF-CX-250 20 GPM 10 GPM 13" x 54" 2.5 cu/ft
*081-MXF-CX-300 25 GPM 10 GPM 14" x 65" 3.0 cu/ft
*Tank is not available as a Vortech tank
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WarrantyTank: Lifetime Valve & Electronics: 7 Years
ManufacturerUS Water Systems