It's Quick Arsenic Test Kit

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Perform 5 separate arsenic tests with this one kit
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About Arsenic Test Kit # 481297-5

This test detects total inorganic Arsenic (As+3 and AS+5).

Each test kit can perform 5 separate tests.

This Arsenic Test Kit provides a safe, simple, and reliable way to test for Arsenic from 0 to 16mg/L (up to 80mg/L when using 1/5 dilution method). Follow the instructions carefully to get reliable results. All components are supplied in the kit except for a timer and thermometer.


  • Reaction Bottle - Clear PVC with 50ml (lower) and 250ml (upper) lines
  • 1 White Cap - white turret for holding test strip
  • 5 Powder Pillows of First Reagent - 8 gm
  • 5 Powder Pillows of Third Reagent - 2 gm
  • 5 Arsenic Strips in Foil Packets - Caution: Each test strip pad contains about 1 mg Mercuric Bromide (HgBr2)
  • Instruction Booklet with MSDS
  • 1 Red Cap - for mixing
  • Easy-Read Color Chart

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