Matrixx inFusion Iron And Sulfur Removal System

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The Matrixx inFusion filter utilizes continuous injection hydrogen peroxide and oxidation to remove hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg odor) and is unquestionably the best way to eradicate rotten-egg odor once and for all. At the heart of the system is the robust Proportional Injection System, which consists of a meter which controls a Pump Control Module which is built into a Peristaltic Pump. This professional-grade proportional injection system is commercial-grade and is simply the best there is. In proof of that, it is backed by a full 7-year warranty.
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Matrixx inFusion System - The Iron And Sulfur Oxidizer

The Matrixx inFusion System injects hydrogen peroxide using industry leading continuous injection technology to oxidate and remove iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg odor). This is widely considered as the best method to remove rotten-egg odor once and for all.  When hydrogen peroxide is injected into water with Catalytic Carbon filtration media, a large amount of dissolved oxygen is released and a strong oxidizing effect takes place. Odors are eliminated, microorganisms are destroyed, and minerals are oxidized. 

Typical Contaminant Removal


Up to 20 ppm

Hydrogen Sulfide

Up to 30 ppm


Up to 1 ppm

pH Levels

Works effectively from pH levels of 6 to 9

Reducing Bacteria

Also works with Iron & Sulfur Reducing Bacteria (IRB & SRB)

All NSF Approved Components


  • WaterLogix Technology Programs in 30 Seconds
  • Long Catalytic Carbon life due to superior backwashing features
  • Vortech tank uses up to 30% less water and forms a whirling Vortex during backwash to effectively remove the iron and sulfur
  • One internal moving part - little to go wrong
  • Internal meter counts the gallons used and monitors flow rates
  • Stenner Precision Injection Panel
  • Removes or reduces silt, sand, sediment, and cloudiness
  • Chrome tank protector always looks new and wipes clean easily
  • The system includes a 15-gallon peroxide tank, Precision Injection Panel, inFusion filter, and 5 Gallons H2O2
  • 12-volt operation means no danger of electrical shock and uses less than $2.00 electricity per year
  • Battery backup keeps the memory during a power outage

At US Water Systems, we believe that you deserve the best possible product. That’s why we’ve taken our best tank and partnered it with proprietary smart valve technology. Our smart valve system integrates directly with your smartphone via Bluetooth 5.0. Simply download the free Waterlogix companion app, pair the devices, and you’ll have access to a real time dashboard and settings. The application allows you to track and monitor all water usage.

The Matrixx inFusion Filter System uses hydrogen peroxide to oxidize iron and hydrogen sulfide by using Catalytic Carbon filtration media in the filtration process. An Automated Backwashing is then performed approximately every two days by the Matrixx Superfilter control valve which then cleans the bed. In the most extreme instances,  daily backwashing may be needed.

The Case for Hydrogen Peroxide At A Glance

The strong oxidizing power of H2O2 makes it suitable for the destruction of a variety of pollutants such as bacteria, toxic organic compounds and some metals. The process has many applications in drinking water production: taste and odor control, hydrogen sulfide removal, metal removal, ozone enhancement and disinfection. H2O2 has also been used for many years to degrade organics in industrial or municipal wastewater. It can also be used for the disinfection of wastewater treatment plants.

Oxidant Oxidation Potential (volts)
Fluorine 3.0
Hydroxyl radical 2.8
Ozone 2.1
Hydrogen Peroxide 1.8
Potassium Permanganate 1.7
Chlorine Dioxide 1.5
Chlorine 1.4
Information At A Glance
Working principle H2O2 breaks down (spontaneously or with a catalyst) into water producing reactive species that react with microorganisms and pollutants
Capacity/adequacy Relatively high-tech equipment required for “catalyzed” H2O2 treatment
Performance High efficiency
Costs Relatively low operation costs for H2O2 treatment
Reliability Reliable when the treatment is designed according to each application
Main strength Very versatile and environmentally compatible oxidizing agent

Model Bathrooms Peak Flow Backwash Flow Filter Tank Size Solution Tank
081-MIF-150 1-2 10 GPM 5 GPM 10" x 54" 15 Gallon
081-MIF-200 2-3.5 15 GPM 8 GPM 12" X 52" 15 Gallon
081-MIF-250 4-6 20 GPM 10 GPM 13" X 54" 15 Gallon
081-MIF-300 7+ 25 GPM 10 GPM 14" X 65" 15 Gallon

additional information

WarrantyLifetime on Carbon Tank 10 Years on Carbon Filter Valve & Valve Electronics 5 Years on Precision Injection Panel
ManufacturerUS Water Systems