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Industrial Systems

Reverse osmosis membrane technology
for commercial, and industrial applications.
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Reverse Osmosis

Also known as RO is a technology used to remove dissolved solids and impurities from water using a semi-permeable membrane which allows the passage of water but leaves the majority of dissolved solids and other contaminants behind.
US Water Systems, America’s Water Company, designs and engineers commercial and industrial reverse osmosis systems from 1 GPM (1,500 GPD) up to 600 GPM (875,000 GPD) and everything in between. Our systems are Made in America, Highly Innovative and Totally Modular in design.

Most of our systems are of the energy-saving low-pressure design which saves up to 50% in energy and dramatically extends systems longevity.
US Water provides cost-effective and sustainable solutions for water, wastewater and reuse applications, including pretreatment to protect the membranes against organic fouling, scaling, and chemical degradation. A COMPLETE RO SCREEN is required before we can design and engineer a successful and cost-effective system. Each individual application is engineered for the specific water chemistry and is backed by US Water Systems’ Legendary Technical Support.


Need a System?

Tap Water

• 1,500- 850,000 GPD
• 2.5”,4.0” and 8.0” Membranes
• Up to 2,500 TDS


Brackish Water

• 1,500- 180,000 GPD
• 4.0” and 8.0” Membranes
• Up to 10,000 TDS

Sea Water

• 600- 40,000 GPD
• 2.5”, 4.0” and 8.0” Membranes
• Up to 45,000 TDS




We specialize in systems for boiler feed, hydroponics and other growing operations, craft beer brewing, laboratories, trailer and skid mounted systems for disaster relief, distilling, water bottling, food and beverage production, agriculture, manufacturing processes and water-jet cutting.

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