Harmsco HC/40-50-AM Suresafe Hurricane 40 Cartridge 50 Micron

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Harmsco Hurricane and WaterBetter SureSafe Cartridges with Silver Zeolite technology - HC/40-50-AM

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Product Description

Product Description

Harmsco® Hurricane and WaterBetter SureSafe Cartridges with Silver Zeolite technology - HC/40-50-AM

Harmsco SureSafe HC/40-50-AM cartridges feature Silver Zeolite technology. Combining inert organic materials with silver into the filter media enables the SureSafe cartridge to help reduce odor-causing bacteria and inhibit growth of destructive mold and mildew on the filter cartridge.

Harmsco SureSafe Media is interwoven with the latest in Silver Zeolite technology.  Unlike competitive "treated media" products, Harmsco SureSafe cartridges will continue to provide safety and protection for you while outlasting the competition.


  • Pleated design for more surface area
  • Utilizes Agion Silver Zeolite fibers
  • Agion Silver Zeolite is effective against more than 650 strains of bacteria, fungi and mold
  • Agion Silver Zeolite is FDA tested and registered with the EPA
  • Engineered media for superior performance
  • Cleanable and reusable in  most applications and micron ratings


  • Lower overall operating cost
  • Prevents growth of algae & bacteria on the media
  • Longer filter runs for fewer change-outs
  • Lower pressure drops
  • Reduced maintenance down time and cost
  • Increased contaminant removal
  • Easy to install, remove, clean and replace


  • Pre-Reverse Osmosis Filtration
  • Boiler Make-up Water Filtration
  • Chill Water Loop Filtration
  • Cooling Tower Filtration
  • Surface Water Filtration
  • Well Water
  • Salt Water/Desalination Filtration
  • Industrial Waste Water Filtration
  • Pre-filter for Carbon Filters
  • Marine/Aquatic Filtration


  • Micron Rating : Nominal micron ratings of 20 and 50.
  • Filter Media : Antimicrobial media with Silver Zeolite fibers.
  • Center Tubes : ABS or PVC
  • End Caps : Pliable PVC with sealing surface built-in.
  • Temperature : 140°F (60°C) temperature limit.*
  • Shrink Wrap : Standard for all antimicrobial cartridges.

*Temperature limites vary and depend on pressure and time under load.

Sizing Guide

  • Nominal Micron Rating : 50
  • Media (sq ft) : 40
  • Recommended Flow Rate* (GPM) : 35
  • Length (in) : 9-5/8 in
  • O.D. (in) : 7-3/4 in

*Results may vary and are based on flow and other factors.

Recommended Usage:  20 Micron is for water with moderate amounts of very fine sand, silt or sediment.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Availability Ships From Manufacturer
Filter Type Pleated Sediment
Manufacturer Harmsco

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