Harmsco HUR-1X170FL Hurricane Swing Bolt 150 GPM Industrial Up-Flow Filter

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Harmsco Hurricane Swing Bolt 150 GPM Industrial Up-Flow Filter
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Product Description

Product Description

Harmsco Hurricane HUR 1X170 SB Housing

Harmsco® Hurricane® Swing Bolt filter housings provide unsurpassed performance. Their unique design separates dense solids prior to cartridgefiltration for extended filter life, increased dirt holding capacity and reduced maintenance costs.


  • Patented Up-flow Design
  • NSF 61 listed
  • Electro-polished finish - standard
  • “Swing Bolt” closure system
  • Combination cyclone separator and cartridge filter in a single compact design
  • 304 stainless steel housing and internal components - standard
  • The industry’s largest selection of cartridge options
  • Built to ASME design standards
  • Coated option available
  • Flow rates up to 150 GPM


  • Municipal Drinking Water
  • Cooling Tower Filtration
  • Desalination Pre-filtration (coated option)
  • Surface Water Treatment Rule (SWTR) LT2
  • Industrial Waste Water Treatment
  • Reverse Osmosis Pre-filtration
  • Ground Water Remediation
  • Ground Water Under Direct Influence(GUDI)

Filter Specifications

  • Electropolished finish
  • Built to ASME design standards
  • Standpipes - stainless steel
  • Inlet/Outlet - flanged connections
  • O-ring housing seal, swing-bolt closure
  • Pressure - Up to 150 psi (10 bar) max.
  • Temperature - Up to 140˚F (60˚C)* with standard cartridges. *Up to 200°F (93˚C) with HT, and 250°F (121˚C) with HTM high temperature cartridges.


  • High Pressure Housing - 200 PSI
  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • 3M Scotchkote 134 Fusion-Bonded Epoxy Coating (specifically for sea water and chemical compatibility)




  • A - Filter Height:  48"
  • B - Width:  15-1/2"
  • C - Diameter:  11"
  • D - Inlet:  23-5/8"
  • E - Outlet:  9-3/4"
  • Pipe Size:  2" Flange
  • Drain Size:  3/4" NPT
  • Floor Space:  1.8 ft2
  • Service Height:  77"


 Unlike conventional designs, Hurricane’s patented cartridges are made with deep, angled pleats to direct the flow into the pleated area for increased solids removal.

Coat Option


3M™ Scotchkote 134 Fusion-Bonded Epoxy Coating is a one-part, heat curable, thermosetting epoxy coating designed for corrosion protection of metal.  The epoxy is 
applied to preheated steel as a dry powder which melts and cures to a uniform coating thickness.  This bonding process provides excellent adhesion and coverage on applications such as valves, pumps, pipe drains, hydrants and porous castings.  Scotchkote 134 coating is resistant to wastewater, corrosive soils, hydrocarbons, harsh chemicals, and sea water.  Powder properties allow easy manual or automatic application by electrostatic or air-spray equipment.

  • Suitable for elevated temperature service in presence of H2S, CO2, CH4, crude oil and brine.
  • Long-term performance history in water, sewage, and other service environments.
  • Scotchkote 134 coating has been tested and  certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 61, Drinking Water System Components.
  • Scotchkote 134 FBEC meets the requirements of AWWA Standard C213 and C550.
  • Operating temperature dry is 235°F/ 113°C

Note:  The Harmsco Hurricane 1X170FL will be shipped via motor freight.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Availability Ships From Manufacturer
Manufacturer Harmsco
Dimensions Height 47-1/2”
Width 15-1/2”
Diameter 11”
Inlet 23-5/8”
Outlet 9-3/4”
Pipe size 2” Flange
Floor Space 1.8 ft
Service Height 77"
Shipping Wt. Lbs 150
Warranty Manufacturer's Warranty

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Product FAQs


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