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Grundfos MQ3-45 Mark III Pump

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  • The MQ pump has built-in dry-run protection. If the pump runs dry, the pump automatically stops.
  • It will then attempt to restart every half hour for a maximum of 24 hours until water is available from the source.
  • If more than 24 hours pass without water, the pump must be restarted manually.
  • The auto reset function can also be disabled.
  • The Grundfos MQ pump also has built-in thermal protection.
  • If the pump overheats it immediately stops.
  • After a 30-minute cooling-down period, the pump will automatically restart


  • The Grundfos MQ is specially designed for use in domestic applications where low noise is a major consideration.
  • The pump is cooled by the pumped water which eliminated the need for a noisy cooling fan.
  • Since the pump is self-cooling, you don’t need to have free space around the pump for cooling purposes. 
  • The MQ "anti-cycling" feature prevents the pump from continuously starting and stopping when you have a dripping tap or minor leak in the system.


  • Flow range: 0 - 20 U.S. GPM
  • Head range: 0 - 139 FEET
  • System pressure: Up to 109 psi
  • Voltage Range:  110-120V
  • Inlet pressure: Max. 45 psi
  • Suction lift: Max. 26 ft
  • Liquid temperature: 32°F to +95°F
  • Ambient temperature: 32°F to +113°F
  • Inlet and outlet connections: 1" IPS
  • Warranty:  2 Years


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