Green Wave Advantage Salt-Free Water Conditioner

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Outstanding Scale Prevention
Filters to 5 Microns
Reduces Chlorine & Chemicals
Reduces Pesticides
Reduces Tastes & Odors

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Product Description

Green Wave Advantage


Whole House Sediment, Chlorine, and Scale Prevention System For Condos & Smaller Homes

Prevent limescale and saves you money on soaps and cleaning supplies while pampering your skin, but it also reduces particulate, sediment, chlorine, chemicals, tastes and odors.

If you are looking for a Salt-Free water conditioning system that prevents scale and reduces chlorine and chemicals in the process, then this is it!

Green Wave Advantage System Steps

Green Wave Benefits

  • Completely safe for drinking water
  • Easy to fit and low maintenance
  • No electricity needed - No waste water
  • Long life Green Wave cartridges of approximately 20,000 gallons - typically three to four months for the average family
  • 5 Micron Pre-Filter and Carbon Filter generally need replaced once a year.
  • Extends the life of appliances: dishwasher, washing machine, water heater, faucets, etc.
  • Cleaner bathrooms, showers and kitchens
  • Saves up to 40% on energy by reducing cost of energy bills
  • Softer and healthier skin - Reduces skin irritations and infections
  • Reduces particulate and sediment
  • Reduces chlorine, chemicals tastes and odors
  • Hot water filter traps scale formed in water heaters
  • Low purchasing and maintenance costs, pays for itself within one year
  • One-Year Money Back Guarantee on the Green Wave cartridge.

How It Works

The Green Wave Advantage system starts with two high-flow filters - the first is a 5-micron pleated sediment filter which filters solids, particulate and sediment down to 5 microns, followed by a radial flow carbon filter which reduces chlorine, chemicals, tastes and odors. It then uses a unique and patented dosing system which adds a small amount silicopolyphosphate (a food grade material) to the water, effectively "sealing" Calcium and Magnesium from sticking to any surface or pipes. Silcopolyphosphate is a "food grade" product and is safe for human consumption according to the WHO and FAO recommendations. It meets all FDA requirements for being "food grade." Cities have used it for years on a smaller scale - it is completely safe - however it is only installed on the hot water, as that is where all the limescale is formed.  If you also want to remove 35,000 other contaminants that can be in your water, like chemicals, rocket fuel, pharmaceuticals, TCE, THM's and many others, then we suggest using Reverse Osmosis for drinking, cooking and the like.

The Truth About Lime Scale

Limescale is formed when cold water is heated in a water heater, boiler or tea kettle. In the process of heating water, such as in a water heater, calcium carbonate precipitates and forms limescale. We recommend installing the Green Wave Solo on just the line to the water heater as the limescale does not form inside cold water pipes. About half the water used in a home is hot water, so the Green Wave Solo cartridge lasts about twice as long as when it is on both the hot and cold supply. Of course, it is completely acceptable to install it on the entire home water supply.



The Green Wave Scale Prevention Cartridge is a slow-dissolving, slow-release canister that is rated to last 20,000 gallons. This can vary, based upon your water hardness and usage. In some cases, it can last 3 to 4 months and in others it might only last six (6) weeks. You can visibly see the level of media left in the cartridge so that when it is empty, you simply do the following to change the cartridge:

  1. Turn off the inlet water;
  2. Relieve the pressure by opening a faucet;
  3. Slowly remove the yellow chamber with the small wrench;
  4. Remove the cartridge and insert the new one;
  5. Put a thin layer of silicone on the rubber seal area;
  6. Put the seal back on the yellow chamber and screw back on.
  7. Hand tighten

The other two pre-filters typically need to be replaced once a year. To change them, you do the following:

  1. Turn off the inlet water;
  2. Relieve the pressure by opening a faucet;
  3. Use the filter wrench to loosen the first housing and then the second;
  4. Remove the cartridges and insert the new ones;
  5. Put a thin layer of silicone on the o-ring;
  6. Hand tighten and then secure with wrench

Water Quality Parameters

  • Application: Municipal water, but can be used on surface or well water with proper pre-treatment
  • Flow Rate: Designed to flow up to 15 GPM but only for short periods of time.
  • Thread Size: 3/4" FNPT
  • Maximum Hardness: 80 GPG
  • Maximum Iron: Zero
  • Maximum Sulfur: Zero
  • Maximum Manganese: Zero
  • Maximum Oil: Zero
  • Maximum Copper: 1.3 mg/l
  • pH: 6 to 9
  • Feed Water Pressure: 20 to 100 psi
  • Feed Water Temperature: 38° to 100° F

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Additional Information

Availability Out Of Stock
Manufacturer US Water Systems
Pre-Filter Yes - 4.5" x 20" 5 Micron Pleated Filter
Carbon Filter Yes - 4.5" x 20" Radial Carbon
Warranty Filter Housings - 5 Years

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Product FAQs


Ask a Question

  • Does this system gradually remove existing scale deposit in the piping and connected appliances (e.g. Water heater) ?

    Yes it does.

  • How long can I expect this unit to last before I would need to replace the entire thing? Also, is there any other maintenance involved other than changing the 3 cartridges out?

    The whole system should last 15-20 years.

    No maintenance except the FOUR Cartridges.

  • I'm looking for a saltless system for a 2nd home. The home is used most weekends in the summer (in the northeast), but rarely in the winter. I'm on a well system. I measured my manganese level and the color is difficult to place on the scale. It could be ~0.2 ppm. I know this product indicates Manganese level is supposed to be zero, but what happens if there is a trace of Manganese in the water?

    THAT IS A LOT OF MANAGANESE.  You would need a detailed water test like this to determine how to remove it:

  • What depth is required when this system is mounted to the wall?

    Approximately 8”

  • What are the costs of consumables: cartridges, etc.?How does this water compare to the water hardness of a salt water softener? Grains??How much 'soap' do you save with this vs salt water softener?

    You need one of these every 60-90 days: 

    You need one of these every 6 months to one year: 

    You need this replaced yearly: 

    You may save up to 20% on soap, but it is not going to save 50% like a salt water softener will.  This does not soften water – it just prevents scale from forming.

  • Does the Green Wave Advantage harm plants (like a traditional water softener using salt does)?

    No, it does not.