US Water Galaxy 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis System | GX-5050

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5-Stage Economy System
2 Year Warranty
1/4” Flow From Tank To Faucet
Includes faucet, filters, membrane, and all installation parts

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Product Description

Product Description

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Premium Quality at an Economy Price

Looking to get the best value from your RO System? Meet the US Water Galaxy RO. Most other ROs have a 1-year warranty. The US Water Galaxy has a two-year warranty and is built to last. This is a quality system that uses all NSF and WQA FDA-approved parts throughout. It includes all fitting and the chrome faucet for easy under-sink installation.

US Water 50 GPD 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis System:
  • STAGE 1 - 5-Micron Sediment Filter: Reduces Dirt, Sand, and Rust
  • STAGE 2 - Carbon Block Filter: Reduces Chlorine Taste and Odors
  • STAGE 3 - 2nd Carbon Block Filter for Added Protection
  • STAGE 4 - 50 GPD RO Membrane
  • STAGE 5 - Granular Activated Carbon Final Polishing Filter Enhances the Taste of the Water
  • NSF Certified 4.5 Gallon Storage Tank
100% BPA Free Reverse Osmosis
Completely BPA-Free
The BPA scare was directly due to information coming from some polycarbonate plastic materials. These are the hard shatter-resistant clear (or colored) drinking water bottles and things like baby bottles. Typically you will not see any BPA in plastics like polypropylene or PE as it is not one of the plastics used in the processing of the material. NSF does scan for BPA, so if there was elevated levels in the product it would fail the material extraction test.
Removes or Reduces the following:
  • Arsenic
  • Barium
  • Cadmium
  • Chlorine
  • Copper
  • Cryptosporidium
  • Cysts
  • Flouride
  • Giardia
  • Lead
  • Prechlorate
  • Radium 226/228
  • Selenium
  • TDS
  • Toxoplasma/Entamoeba
  • Turbidity
  • Hexavalent Chromium (6)
  • 2-Year Warranty (excludes filters, membrane is pro-rated)
  • Utilizes ALL NSF & FDA Approved Components
  • 4.5 Gallon NSF Certified metal tank with NSF liner (BPA Free)
  • NOTE: Tank can lay on its side
  • Utilizes Quick-Connect (Push-in) Fittings
  • Includes Automatic Shut-Off Valve (ASO) to shut down system when tank is full
Includes Everything for Under-Sink Installation
  • All Filters and Membrane
  • All Tubing
  • All Fittings Necessary for Installation
  • Tank Shut-off Valve
  • Self-piercing Inlet Saddle Valve
  • Long-Reach Chrome Lead-Free Non-Air Gap Faucet
  • Installation Manual
  • On-Line Installation Videos
  • Telephone Tech Support

* see written warranty for details

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Availability In Stock
RO System Type Undersink
Number of Stages 5
Dimensions RO Module Size: 16" w x 18" h x 6" d

Tank Size: 11" d x 16" h
Warranty 2 year
Manufacturer US Water Systems

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Ratings & Reviews

Ratings & Reviews

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Product FAQs

Product FAQs

  • What's the efficiency ratio on this system?

    I’m assuming you are asking about the rejection rate.  Line pressure RO systems do not have adjustable rejection rates.  The amount of water a line pressure RO will waste is site specific and cannot be generally qualified.  There are several variables that can determine the rejection rates.  Water temperature, feed pressure and water quality all can change the system’s performance.  Systems with pumps can have fixed rejection rates because the membrane pressure can be adjusted to match the discharge rate, but line pressure systems do not.  There is no pressure adjustment to be made on line pressure RO’s so the permeate flow rate is not fixed.  Although the drain flow is fixed the permeate flow may not be to design standards due to the aforementioned variables.  Typically most line pressure RO systems will waste 2-3 gallons for every good gallon created.  As the tank fills and back pressure builds on the permeate side of the membrane, the rejection rate can be 5:1 while filling the last ½ gallon of water in the tank.  We don’t claim a rejection rate or an efficiency rating for these system because it would not be a true representation of how the system will work in the real world.

  • Hello, I have an older model RO system in my RV with a Hydronix ICF 10q scrubbing filter, I purchased a Pulsar quantum disenfection INLRO-14-SEL from you and am wondering if I should put this inline with the other filter or just replace it? Thanks

    The Pulsar Quantum Disinfection INLRO-14-SEL is made to replace the Hydronix one.

  • we have a high nitrate level in our current city water, with this filtration system lower that for our own personal drinking water

    Yes, but it would be a good idea to have a detailed water test such as this:

  • I am building a small pool house and I want to install a RO system to filter my drinking water and ice machine. What type of system is best?

    If it is an under-counter ice-machine, they use a lot of water and you would want to use this:

    If it is a fridge icemaker, then use this:

    Icemakers need good pressure to operate and most RO’s lose 35% of the incoming pressure in the RO process.  The permeate pump does not lose any pressure.

  • Does your RO system remove Arsenic 3 without added membranes?
  • I have limited room under my kitchen, how much room do I need to install the filters and storage tank?How far can I run a tube from the units to my ice maker?

    RO Module Size: 17" w x 18" h x 6" d

    Tank Size: 11" d x 16" – The system is designed to fit under any sink, except maybe a small mobile home.  Otherwise, it should fit anywhere.

    You can run 30 to 40 feet, but you will need the Aquapurion Permeate Pump model, not the Galaxy:

  • Item 200-GX-5050 Galaxy 5-stage RO Unit: Only 1 person in household. Should I change the filters every 6 months?

    Depending on your water quality you could possibly get by with changing once a year.


  • I want to run the water ONLY to my refrigerator for ice/water. Can I not use the faucet provided? Distance from unit to fridge is about 12 feet.

    Yes that is fine, but many people end up adding it later for convenience.

  • Do you need to change filters?
    Yes, we recommend changing twice a year.
  • Will this filter calcareous elements?
    We don’t have any removal data for those. Are talking about isotopes? It would be worth trying for no more than this system costs, you could do a pilot. You will need a way to do control testing before and after the system. At this time I can’t answer this question because we just don’t have anything we can use to base a claim.
  • i would like to read something that explains how ro systems work. does it need power under the sink? how about changing filters? what other maintenence? i see reference to monitoring parts/insturments. what needs to be monitored? where can i learn all about this?

    There are videos on the bottom of the page that explain operation and maintenance of RO systems.  It is best to call us at 1-800-608-8792 for specific questions but the videos will provide a lot of information and insight. 

  • How do you know if you need a remineralization kit?

    Typically most people don’t use them.  If you are concerned with the end pH level you can add one.  The TDS level will not rise much so the re-mineralization is minimal.  However, the pH can be raised fairly easy with the kit.  It is really personal preference on small system.  If you are using a whole house RO you definitely want a kit if you are supplying a copper piping system.  Low pH RO water will break down copper piping.

  • I have one of these and am very happy with the water that comes out of it. My problem is that it has started leaking around the hose connector. I thought it was around the hose so I took the hose out and cut about 1" off and pushed it back in the connector, it still leaks, on close inspection the leak is around the piece that slides up in the unit and when you release the hose it slides out just a little ways. When the water is turned on again it starts leaking again. Is there a way to fix this or replace that part?????

    You will need to send us a photo of what you are talking about.  Yes, I am sure we can replace a part or show you how to fix it.  Call us at 800-608-8792 and ask for Technical Support.

  • I have hard water, its TDS readings are around 370 to 388. will your GX5050 work with my Hard Water?

    Absolutely.  It will reduce membrane  life somewhat, but membranes are not costly anymore.  I would suggest purchasing a TDS-3 TDS Meter so that you can know when to change the membrane.

  • Will this R O reduce the PH of the water?

    Every RO reduces the pH somewhat.  However, if the glass of RO water sits for a few seconds, it returns to neutral.

  • How much water is wasted? How many gallons of water does it take to make one gallon of purified water.

    3 to 4 to 1.  Any RO does that, unless you want to replace the membrane every month.

  • I have granite counters. Can I run this to my current faucet without having to cut a new hole?

    No.  The volume an pressure available wouldn’t be adequate for normal cold water sink usage.  Most RO systems only have about 3 gallons of water on demand and only produce water at 0.03 GPM.  RO systems should have an independent faucet.  You can use an existing hole for a soap dispenser or sprayer nozzle.  

  • we have this system and we are very pleased. we are wondering if you have an ad-on feature that will replace the natural minerals that occur in water.

    Little in-line filters are insignificant in how much they add back.  This is what you need:

  • I have a cabin that does not have electricity and I use a gravity feed system for sanitation water. I would like to use the same gravity feed system and run it through a water filter system for drinking. Will your systems support that application?Thanks.John

    You will need pressure for the RO system.  At least 40-60 PSI constant.  We just don’t have a system that will work on less pressure than that.