Fusion NLT Professional-Grade Metered Water Softener

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Fusion NLT Water Softeners with Next Level Technology for Consumers who Demand the Very Best. Several years ago, we set out to build a water softener that would be superior to any other technology on the market. Not just superior in some ways, but built better to work better, last longer and backed with a world-class guarantee. Oh, and we wanted it to be the most efficient softener on the planet, using up to 75% less salt and wasting up to 65% less water than any other system. It took a while, but the wait was worth it. Here it is! You already know that you can buy lots of water softeners on the internet for around $500, but if you want the BEST, here is why there is only ONE, the FUSION NLT. The Rugged Fusion Control Valve & State-of-the Art Computer Electronics are built to Next Level Technology for efficiency, quality and longevity. All water softeners use salt and produce waste water during regeneration, but what makes the Fusion NLT so environmentally friendly and amazingly different is that on city water, it uses much less salt and wastes dramatically less water than any water softener.
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Product Description

Product Description

Delivers the Best Water of Your Life... for Your Life!

If you want the best and most efficient water softener on the market, then this is where you will end up.   This is a High-Flow Valve that will operate a 1 cu/ft to 3 cu/ft softener delivering flow rates up to 27 GPM.  It simply is built better to last longer and is more efficient than any other water softener.

Here's What You Will Love

  • Savings of 50% to 60% on soaps, detergents and cleaning supplies
  • Savings of up to 30% on hot water heating
  • Spot-free dishes, silverware and glasses
  • Softer, cleaner skin and beautiful hair

The World's Most Efficient Water Softener!

Works on demand for precise measuring of the water used.. The precision meter regenerates the softener only when needed, and adjusts to any changes in water usage.

  • Assures you that the computer control will have all of the proper water usage information in order to operate at the highest efficiency.
  • Saves tremendous amounts of salt over conventional water softeners.
  • Insures that you never run out of soft water, while never wasting salt.

Environmentally Friendly

What makes the Fusion NLT so environmentally friendly is that on city water, it uses much less salt (up to 75% less) and wastes dramatically less water (up to 65% less) than any water softener.  This is possible by utilizing several processes built into the Fusion that are Next Level Technology, including:

  • Counter-current upflow regeneration – Unquestionably the most efficient method
  • Proportional Brining – Uses only on the precise amount of salt needed
  • Backwash skipping – Does not backwash every regeneration saving hundreds of gallons

Technologically Superior

Upflow Brining (or counter-current regeneration) is the most effective way to regenerate a water softener because it regenerates the resin by removing the contaminants in the same direction they came in.  Downflow softeners contaminate the clean resin, requiring additional salt to regenerate.  Additionally, with Proportional Brining only the precise amount of salt is used to bring it back to a full charge.

  • No other technology uses as little salt as counter-current brining, so you save big dollars on salt.
  • Upflow brining provides softer water and dramatically saves on water waste.
  • Our Green Technology eliminates salt and water waste.  

World-Class Ion-Exchange Resin 

The resin tank and the salt tank of the Fusion NLT both have a Lifetime Warranty and additionally, our Premium 10% Crosslinked ion-exchange resin is higher in capacity and greater in longevity.   It is chlorine and chloramine resistant, unlike ordinary resin.   The Fusion NLT resin has a lifetime warranty because the Fusion NLT cleans it better.  Cleaner resin means cleaner water for you and your family.

Advanced Microprocessor Control

  • Next Level Technology – Simple to set
  • Uses less than $2.00 a year of electricity
  • 12 Volt Operation - No danger of electrical shock.
  • Best Warranty in the business – Hands down!

Capacitor Backup

Keeps the memory in case of power outage. Soft programming is stored for 48 hours, utilizing a built in capacitor.

  • Once you set it, you never have to set it again.
  • Essential information is never lost.

More Amazing Features

  • Automatic Soft Water Recharge automatically performs a quick “regen” during periods of unusual spikes in water usage to restore enough capacity to last until that night’s regeneration.
  • Automatic System Flush backwashes and a rinses every seven days if no water is used to prevent bacterial growth.
  • Large LED backlit screen continuously rotates important operational data including gallons remaining.
  • Utilizes all NSF and/or WQA Certified Components
  • Chrome tank protector (up to 20 GPM) always looks like new and wipes clean easily. Looks just as good in 20 years!
  • The Best Warranty in the Business:
    • Lifetime on Tanks and Resin*
    • 10-Years on the Valve and Electronics
  • This system can be regenerated using potassium.  (You may have to set the salt usage up about 10%)


Maximum Capacity When New 35,000 Grains 53,000 Grains 70,000 Grains 88,000 Grains 105,000 Grains
Optional Settings - High Efficiency
Salt Used - Per Regeneration 3.0 lbs 4.5 lbs 6.0 lbs 7.5 lbs 9.0 lbs
Back Wash Override Selection Without BW/With BW Without BW/With BW Without BW/With BW Without BW/With BW Without BW/With BW
Water Used - Regeneration 33 Gal / 41 Gal 48.5 Gal / 61 Gal 45.3 Gal / 59.3 Gal 52.9 Gal / 68.9 Gal 72 Gal / 92 Gal
Hardness Removal - Grains 15,000 22,500 30,000 37,500 45,000
Factory Settings - Standard Capacity
Salt Used - Per Regeneration 6.0 lbs 9.0 lbs 12.0 lbs 15.0 lbs 18.0 lbs
Back Wash Override Selection Without BW/With BW Without BW/With BW Without BW/With BW Without BW/With BW Without BW/With BW
Water Used - Regeneration 36.6 Gal / 44.6 Gal 52.1 Gal / 64.6 Gal 50.1 Gal / 63.1 Gal 59 Gal / 75 Gal 80.6 Gal / 100.6 Gal
Hardness Removal - Grains 24,600 36,900 49,200 61,500 73,800
Optional Settings - High Capacity
Salt Used - Per Regeneration 12.0 lbs 18.0 lbs 24.0 lbs 30.0 lbs 36.0 lbs
Back Wash Override Selection Without BW/With BW Without BW/With BW Without BW/With BW Without BW/With BW Without BW/With BW
Water Used - Regeneration 42 Gal / 50 Gal 59.5 Gal / 72 Gal 56.7 Gal / 70.7 Gal 66.4 Gal / 82.4 Gal 86.2 Gal / 106.2 Gal
Hardness Removal - Grains 30,000 45,000 60,000 75,000 90,000
Resin Quantity - Cubic Feet 1.0 CU/FT 1.5 CU/FT 2.0 CU/FT 2.5 CU/FT 3.0 CU/FT
Tank Size 9X48 10x54 12X52 13x54 14X65
Brine Tank/Cabinet Size (Inches) 15X17X36 15x17x36 15X17X36 15x17x36 15X17X36
Salt Storage Capacity 275 lbs 275 lbs 275 lbs 275 lbs 275 lbs
Flow Rate @ 15 PSI Pressure Drop 11.0 gpm 11.2 gpm 12.2 gpm 12.6 gpm 13.8 gpm
Flow Rate @ 25 PSI Pressure Drop 15 gpm 15.1 gpm 16.2 gpm 16.6 gpm 17.78 gpm
Peak Flow Rate 10 gpm 15 gpm 20 gpm 25 gpm 27 gpm
Back Wash Flow Rate 2.0 gpm 2.5 gpm 3.5 gpm 4 gpm 5.0 gpm
Plumbing Connections 3/4" or 1"
Resin Type 10 % Cross-Linked Ion Exchange Resin/Carbon
Electrical Requirements Input 120V 60 Hz - Output 12V 650mA
Water Temperature Min 39 - Max. 100 degrees Fahrenheit
Water Pressure Min. 20 - Max. 125 PSI

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Availability Out Of Stock
Manufacturer US Water Systems
Removes Chlorine No
Resin Type 10% Crosslinked
Warranty Tanks: Lifetime
Valve & Electronics: 10 Years
Resin: Lifetime

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Ratings & Reviews

Ratings & Reviews

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Product FAQs

Product FAQs

  • can i us potassium chloride with this unit and if so what are the settings

    Yes you can use potassium.  If your hardness level is very high be sure that potassium intake is not a health problem for any family members.

    In most cases, there is no concern but if the hardness level is very high the potassium exchange could be significant.  Potassium works close to the same as Sodium as far as settings.  If you have a high hardness level I would use the standard or Iron/Manganese settings to ensure a good regeneration. 

  • Please provide step by step instruction for using the bypass valves on the Fusion NLT, FNLT-150.

    You can find the information you are looking for in the following manual on pages 19, 20 and 25. 

    For the Most updated manual - please see Literature tab

  • Given same number of people and bathrooms, is there a benefit in performance to a higher-flow system, say 15 gpm vs. 10? Thank you.

    Yes, More contact time which means better water quality.  Less regenerations and more flexibility. 

  • My water measures "very hard" on the Hach strip test. Is this Fusion-NLT suitable for that? What is model number for 10 gpm version? What is benefit of higher flow rating? Thank you.

    Yes, it works perfectly on that.

     The 10 GPM Model is the FNLT-100

     Higher flow rates just deliver more contact time.