Fusion NLT Combo Commercial-Grade Metered Water Softener With Chlorine & Chloramine Removal Backwashing Filter

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Softens the Water and Removes Chemicals, Chlorine and Chloramine
Water Softener & Carbon Filter – Next Level Technology
Flows Up to 25 GPM
10-Year Valve and Electronics Warranty
Lifetime Warranty on Tanks and Resin

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Product Description

Carbon Filter & Softener Combo System

  • Utilizes Premium Coconut Shell Granular Activated Catalytic Carbon (GAC) for Chlorine and Chloramine removal.
  • Just one internal moving part in the water stream keeps service at a minimum.
  • It has a full 1" valve which flows up to 25 GPM.
  • Automatically adjusts to any changes in water usage to save salt and keep you from running out of soft water.
  • Demand Control Regenerates only when needed.
  • Lifetime Warranty on tanks and resin, 10-Years on valve, electronics, and all other parts.

The World's Most Efficient Water Softener!

 Works on demand for precise measuring of the water used.. The precision meter regenerates the softener only when needed, and adjusts to any changes in water usage.

  • Assures you that the computer control will have all of the proper water usage information in order to operate at the highest efficiency.
  • Saves tremendous amounts of salt over conventional water softeners.
  • Insures that you never run out of soft water, while never wasting salt.

Environmentally Friendly

What makes the Fusion NLT so environmentally friendly is that on city water, it uses much less salt (up to 75% less) and wastes dramatically less water (up to 65% less) than any water softener.  This is possible by utilizing several processes built into the Fusion that are Next Level Technology, including:

  • Counter-current upflow regeneration – Unquestionably the most efficient method
  • Proportional Brining – Uses only on the precise amount of salt needed
  • Backwash skipping – Does not backwash every regeneration saving hundreds of gallons

System Breakdown

  • Backwasing Filter is a Special Blend of Granular Activated Carbon & Catalytic Carbon is used for pre-treatment to remove chlorine, chloramine, tastes, odors, and extend the life of the resin.
  • Softener is a Premium High-Efficiency Ion-Exchange Resin is engineered to last a lifetime... and guaranteed the same way.
  • The Best Warranty in the Business:
  • Lifetime on Tanks and Resin
  • 10-Years on the Valve and Electronics
  • 5-Years on the Catalytic Carbon

Read about the Dangers of Chlorine

Advanced Microprocessor Control

  • Next Level Technology – Simple to set
  • Uses less than $2.00 a year of electricity
  • 12 Volt Operation - No danger of electrical shock.
  • Best Warranty in the business – Hands down!

Capacitor Backup

Keeps the memory in case of power outage. Soft programming is stored for 48 hours, utilizing a built in capacitor.

  • Once you set it, you never have to set it again.
  • Essential information is never lost.


More Amazing Features

  • Automatic Soft Water Recharge automatically performs a quick “regen” during periods of unusual spikes in water usage to restore enough capacity to last until that night’s regeneration.
  • Automatic System Flush backwashes and a rinses every seven days if no water is used to prevent bacterial growth.
  • Large LED backlit screen continuously rotates important operational data including gallons remaining.
  • Utilizes all NSF and/or WQA Certified Components
  • Chrome tank protector always looks like new and wipes clean easily. Looks just as good in 20 years!
  • The Best Warranty in the Business:
    • Lifetime on Tanks and Resin*
    • 10-Years on the Valve and Electronics
  • This system can be regenerated using potassium.  (You may have to set the salt usage up about 10%)
Fusion NLT Hybrid System Specifications
Model Max Capacity Cu/Ft Catalytic Carbon Grain Capacity Cu/Ft Resin Max Flow Media Tanks Brine Tank
Weight (lbs)
FNLT-2.0-100-C 35,000 1.00 35,000 Grains 1.00 10 GPM 9 x 48 15 x 35 160
FNLT-2.0-200-C 70,000 2.00 70,000 Grains 2.00 20 GPM 12 x 52 15 x 35 220
FNLT-2.0-250-C 88,000 2.50 88,000 Grains 2.50 25 GPM 13 x 54 15 x 35 260

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Additional Information

Availability In Stock
Manufacturer US Water Systems
Removes Chlorine Yes
Resin Type 10% Crosslinked
Warranty Tanks: Lifetime
Valve & Electronics: 10 Years
Resin: Lifetime
Carbon: 5 Years

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