Fusion Liquid Chlorination System - Up to 6 Persons/4 Baths - 12 GPM

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US WATER Fusion Liquid Chlorination System is designed to remove Iron or Rust, Low Levels of Sulfur or Hydrogen Sulfide, Bacteria and Manganese

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Model FLCS-2000 - Up to 6 Persons and 4 Bathrooms - Flows Up to 12 GPM

Using 5 percent to 10 percent chlorine as an oxidizer is also widely used. Chlorination requires a contact tank which should have a 15-20 minute supply of water at peak flow. For instance, if the peak flow is 10 gallons per minute, then a 150-200 gallon contact tank would be needed. Many chlorination systems are undersized in respect to the contact tank, and meet with mixed results. After the injection of the chlorine and flow into the contact tank, a backwashing carbon filter is utilized to remove the precipitated iron and chlorine residual. Chlorine works well with iron IF the contact or retention tank is sized properly and the user knows how to clean the injection point fitting and check valve, as chlorine will frequently crystallize at that injection point and stop working.


This mounts on the wall and therefore takes up no floor space. It is fully assembled and ready for installation. The inlet is on the left and the outlet is on the right. There is a strainer to remove solid, grit, sand and rocks before it goes through the meter where the flow rate is determined and a signal is sent to the pump injection control. This assures that regardless of the flow from 1 to 20 GPM, the dosage is constant and proportional to the flow. The STENNER peristaltic pump, a positive displacement pump which never needs priming, injects a precise amount of Chlorine into the injection tee, which is controlled by a failsafe meter and electronic injection system that provides the precise amount of chlorine, no matter how high or how low the flow rate may be. Unlike other technologies, it works under low flow or severe flow rates.

The solution tank stores the chlorine in a safe container which keeps dust, dirt and kids out. It holds 35 gallons, 18 inches Diameter X 32 inches Height.

The 120 gallon chlorine contact tank is where the water comes into contact with the chlorine and mixes throughly. Roughly twenty minutes (20) of contact time is required for effective oxidation of iron, manganese and bacteria. The tank is roughly 24 inches diameter by 80 inches tall.

The FUSION Backwashing Carbon Filter with electronic computer control removes the precipitated sulfur and iron and any excess hydrogen peroxide to deliver iron and sulfur free water. It never needs reprogrammed and has a lithium battery to keep the time for up to 24 hours in case of power outages. The FUSION 2000 Backwashing Filter is 14 inches x 65 inches* and has 3.0 cubic feet of Granular Activated Carbon. 12 GPM Maximum Flow Rate

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