Flexx Pro Series Backwashing pH Neutralizer Filter

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If you are looking for a backwashing pH Neutralizer filter but don’t want to break the bank, the Flexx Pro Series Backwashing pH Neutralizer Filter is simply the best solution.
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If you are looking for a backwashing pH Neutralizer filter but don’t want to break the bank, the Flexx Pro Series Backwashing pH Neutralizer Filter is simply the best solution. It meets of exceeds the features of any other Backwashing Neutralizer Filter and will not flatten your wallet in the process. This is not a Big Box Store “Throw-Away” Filter but is a professional grade system – at an Economy Price.



First of all, what is a backwashing pH Neutralizing filter?

Simply put, it is a tank with a specific amount of media inside. In this case, the media is Premium-Grade Calcite, which is crushed and screened White Marble Limestone or Magnesium Oxide. If your pH is below 6.4 then we utilize a blend of Calcite and Magnesium Oxide. Calcite and Magnesium Oxide will increase hardness in the water and a water softener may become necessary after the neutralizing filter.

One of the advantages of Calcite is its self-limiting property. When properly applied, it corrects pH only enough to reach a non-corrosive equilibrium. It does not over-correct under normal conditions. Upon contact with Calcite, acidic waters slowly dissolve the Calcium Carbonate to raise the pH which reduces potential leaching of Copper, Lead and other metals found in typical plumbing systems.

Periodic backwashing every 2 to 7 days will prevent packing, reclassify the bed and maintain high service rates. Depending upon pH, water chemistry and service flow, the Calcite/Magnesium Oxide bed will have to be replenished as the Calcite is depleted periodically. As the Calcite's Calcium Carbonate neutralizes the water, it will increase hardness and a softener may become necessary after the neutralizing filter.

If your water contains significant amounts of Iron (rust), the media can help correct this by neutralizing the free Carbon Dioxide in the water. In many situations, the Flexx Pro pH Neutralizer will reduce the Iron dramatically enough that it can be removed by an Ion-Exchange softener.

The electronic backwashing control simply backwashes every 3 to 7 days for a few minutes to remove any accumulated sediment, and eliminate channels that the water may create. This assures that you get the maximum pH Neutralization day-in-and-day-out! Couple this with our extended bed depth and prolonged contact time and you will see that the Flexx Backwashing pH Neutralizer Filter delivers the best quality water at the lowest possible price. Factor in US Water Systems “Legendary Technical Support for Life After the Sale” and you can really understand why this is simply the best pH Neutralization system for the money.




  • 7-Year Warranty On the valve and electronics. Most systems offer a 1-year to 5-year warranty. 10-years warranty on the tanks
  • Advanced Electronics Programs with your Smartphone which delivers Precision Programming without using “Dinosaur Buttons” and enables you to monitor water usage
  • One Internal Moving Part A hydrostatically balanced piston is the only moving part and the Flexx Pro has the fewest internal moving parts possible for trouble-operation, day-after-day
  • Full 1” Flow 1” distributor delivers full flow with no noticeable pressure drop
  • Premium PH Neutralizing Media Fine Calcite or Granular Magnesium Oxide Media is all NSF and WQA Certified
  • Media The Flexx Pro Series pH Neutralizer Filter comes with 100% Fine Calcite Media - This is utilized when the pH is 6.4 and above. If your pH is lower, please consult with one of our water treatment specialists to determine what method is best for you.
  • Legendary Technical Support Our support after the sale is simply unparalleled. As a member of the US Water Systems Family, you get a Lifetime of support.
If you are not sure what pH neutralizing system is right for you, call 800-608-8792 and talk to one of our Certified Water Specialists and they can help you decide what is right for you.



Stay Connected to Your Water

Our smart valve system integrates directly with your smartphone via Bluetooth 5.0. Simply download the free Legacy View app, pair the devices, and you’ll have access to a real-time dashboard and settings.

The application allows you to adjust the hardness of your water to your desired specifications and track and monitor all water usage.


Download the App




Not sure what size filter you need?

Bigger is usually better but remember, a system should be sized according to flow rate that is available for backwashing. A system must be backwashed at the specified flow rate to ensure it is flushed properly.


  10 x 54 - 10 GPM

  13 x 54 - 20 GPM



 10 GPM5 GPM10" X 54"1.5
 20 GPM11 GPM13" X 54"2.5



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WarrantyTank: 10 Years ; Valve & Electronics: 7 Years
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