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Flexx OXi-Gen Aeration Iron And Sulfur Filter

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US Water Systems FlexxOxi-Gen Aeration Iron And Sulfur Filter

Simply a Revolution in Iron and Sulfur Eradication USES THE AIR WE BREATHE TO CLEAN YOUR WATER

If You Are Interested in Removing Iron and/or Sulfur, Before You Buy ANY System, especially an air injection or Aeration System, Watch This First:

NSF Approved Components

The US Water Flexx Oxi-Gen Superfilteris a fully automatic backwashing filtration system. It uses all NSF and FDA approved components, including the Catalytic Carbon filter media, which is Tested and Certified by the WQA to NSF/ANSI 61.

Revolutionary Features Lead to Awesome Benefits

  • Natural Oxidation - Air is injected into the top of the tank converting ferrous iron to ferric iron and oxidizing sulfur after untreated water has passed through the control valve preventing the control valve from fouling with iron and/or iron. The Sludge that forms in most Air Injection Systems is simply gone and the iron and sulfur is eradicated with ease.
  • Total System Control - WATERLOGIX Smartphone App and meter control give you total and advanced control over system regeneration, efficiency and ease of operation. All it takes is 30 seconds to program the Flexx Oxi-Gen. Fully Adjustable cycle times.
  • Uses the Least Amount of Backwash Water No other iron or sulfur filter uses as little water as the Flexx OXi-Gen Superfilter. The competition has to backwash every night to recharge the free air in the top of the tank. The Oxi-Gens unique design enables it to draw air into the system at anytime (to replenish the oxygen) without a full backwash, potentially saving thousands even tens of thousands of gallons of water a year.
  • Back Up Protection - Simple 9 volt battery back-up keeps electronic motor active and will return the control valve to service position in case of power failure during regeneration.
  • Built-In Meter - Electronic meter provides water usage history, number of regenerations, flow rates, and historical usage.
  • No Rattling or Banging - The control valve slowly releases compressed air charge prior to backwash cycle eliminating the explosive blast that can dislodge the drain line.
  • Stainless steel bypass valve Durable SS bypass allows system to be bypassed for service.


  • Iron Removal - Up to 12 ppm (with Hydrogen Peroxide regen option)
  • Sulfur Removal - Up to 10 ppm/20 ppm (with Hydrogen Peroxide regen option)
  • Manganese Removal - Up to .5 ppm/.8 ppm (with Hydrogen Peroxide regen option)
  • Works effectively from pH levels of 6 to 9
  • If you have Iron Reducing Bacteria (IRB) or Sulfur Reducing Bacteria (SRB), you can add Hydrogen Peroxide, at the time of purchase or later. No other equipment is required.


  • ECP Hydrogen Peroxide Feed Upgrade Kit Doubles the removal ability of iron and sulfur. Unlike the inFusion system, it only uses H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) intermittently to provide Extra Cleaning Power in cleansing the media bed of iron and sulfur. Unlike other H2O2 systems, it requires no chemical feed pump, no control boxes or flow switches and is hassle free.
    • Best of all, it uses a fraction of the H2O2 injection systems use. In many cases, 5 gallons lasts 6 months to a year. Unlike clhorine, H2O2 is composed of the elements of water (hydrogen and oxygen) and forms no dangerous disinfection byproducts (DBP). This option can always be added later to increase performance.

  • KDF Areation Balls Speeds up the oxidation of contaminants like sulfur, by contact absorption. The KDF balls are simply added into the cap at the top of the tank. This option can always be added later to increase performance.

  • Ozone Accelerator Eliminates the need for H2O2 in high contaminate removal applications. Eliminates the maintenance costs of H2O2 and is chemical-free. Especially effective in the control of iron and sulfur bacteria (IRB & SRB).
    • Unlike other toy ozone generators, this is a REAL Heavy Duty Ozone Generator with a built-in Air Dryer. In humid environments, ozone simply does not work well, without the Air Dryer. The Air Dryer Feature exponentially amplifies the oxidation ability of ozone. This option can always be added later to increase performance.


  • 10 Years on Carbon Tank
  • 7 Years on Carbon Filter Valve & Valve Electronics

Waterlogix App

  • Communicates with your Smartphone via Bluetooth
  • Simply set the time of day, time of regeneration, and backwash frequency
  • Uses 9 Volt battery, so that if power goes out during regeneration, it automatically returns to service so as not to continually waste water to the drain
  • Monitors remaining battery life
  • Fully programmable cycles
  • Can be "precision tuned"

The electronic control center is easy to set and once set, you never have to set it again (except for DST). The Flexx system incorporates an automatic backwash which removes accumulated contaminants and automatically backwashes the filtration media. This eliminates pressure drop and keeps the media in top condition.

Not sure what size filter you need? Bigger is usually better but remember, a system should be sized according to flow rate that is available for backwashing. A system must be backwashed at the specified flow rate to ensure it is flushed properly.

081-FX-1501-210 GPM5 GPM10" x 54"
081-FX-2503-620 GPM10 GPM13" X 54"

American Made



10 Years on Carbon Tank
7 Years on Carbon Filter Valve & Valve Electronics


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