High Volume Light Commercial RO Systems

Reverse Osmosis or RO removes the largest spectrum of contaminants of any water treatment process.More and more discriminating consumers demand high-purity RO water throughout their homes. There is an endless variety of uses for high purity RO water in custom homes, estate-sized homes and even for smaller homes that may have special applications. Those applications include the following:

  • Water for Craft Beer Brewing
  • Water for Hydroponics
  • Water for Spot Free Car Washing
  • Water for Reefkeeping
  • Water for Multiple Outlets and Icemakers
  • Water for Humidifiers

High volume RO systems require more space because of bigger tanks, filters and membranes. These are typically installed in a garage, basement or utility room and lines are ran to each outlet. US Water can help design a 'turnkey” reverse osmosis system for your application. Call one of our Certified Water Specialists at 800-608-8792.