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Under Sink Reverse Osmosis

If you are looking for bottled-quality water straight from the tap, you should be looking for an under sink reverse osmosis system. These units are commonly just called RO systems and they are the ultimate in water filtration. Reverse osmosis not only provides clean and safe water that the entire family will love, but it also saves money by eliminating the high cost of bottled water. All under sink RO systems from US Water include a drinking water faucet and filters.

Compare US Water RO Systems

Looking for a reverse osmosis system with higher output for larger installs, estate homes, and more?

If you're looking for an RO system to provide drinking water for your family, why not install one right in your kitchen? With an under sink reverse osmosis unit, you can pour clean, delicious water right from a dedicated tap. Easier to use than countertop systems that require you to switch back and forth with untreated water, under sink systems include a storage tank so you always have water ready. Check out our whole house reverse osmosis systems too!

The Benefits of an Under Sink RO System

Reverse Osmosis is the best solution for providing quality drinking water at home, and this filtering method is very effective for reducing a range of contaminants. Using an RO water filter will dramatically improve the taste, color, and odor of your water. Most under sink reverse osmosis systems include a sediment pre-filter that traps fine suspended materials that could cause clogs, and a carbon pre-filter to remove chlorine and other contaminants that may damage RO membranes. A post carbon filter is usually added to polish the water.

Click here to see a partial list of typical contaminant removal. To learn more about how RO works, click here.

Reverse Osmosis Contaminant Removal

Why Buy from US Water?

US Water is your source for all types of reverse osmosis systems, replacement filters, reverse osmosis membranes, reverse osmosis installation parts, reverse osmosis accessories, and designer faucets for under sink reverse osmosis systems. With the largest selection of RO systems, highest quality NSF Certified Components, factory-direct-cut-out-the-middleman prices, and the best warranties in the industry, US Water is simply the best solution. If you are not sure which system is best for you, one of our water specialists will be glad to assist you in choosing one. Call us at 800-608-USWA or e-mail us at [email protected]

Compare US Water RO Systems

US Water Systems offers a full-line of under sink reverse osmosis systems, all assembled in the USA. We start with the US Water Galaxy economy under sink RO, which delivers great-tasting drinking water without breaking your budget. All of these filter systems use NSF and FDA-approved materials, are BPA Free, and are built to last for years. They all use industry standard filters, meaning that you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to replace them. Each system comes with standard chrome faucet and 4.5 gallon storage tank, with 1/4" tubing throughout. They are also backed with a 2-year warranty!

If you want a premium reverse osmosis system with a great warranty, then you will want to look at our professional-grade RO systems. In addition to using all NSF and FDA approved materials that are BPA free, they also have a full 3/8” flow from the tank to the faucet and American-made filters and membranes. Additionally, they come with a selection of optional storage tanks.

If you are attaching your RO system up to an icemaker, then you will want one of our High-Pressure Systems. These reverse osmosis under sink units use a non-electric permeate pump that saves up to 80% on waste water and delivers the same pressure as what you have coming in. This is the system you will likely want to use if you are remote installing or have multiple outlets. A high pressure unit is extremely important if you are attaching your reverse osmosis system to an icemaker.

We also have high-volume light commercial systems, which are ideal for homes with two or more refrigerators, icemakers, sinks, and humidifiers. They do require more space because they have bigger tanks, filters, and membranes, so most people install them in a garage, basement, or utility room and run lines to each outlet. Light commercial systems are also popular with people who brew beer or have aquariums.

Our Guarantee

US Water Systems stands behind every product we sell. We are so confident you will love our under sink reverse osmosis systems that we offer a 30 day money-back guarantee (ask for details).

What is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis Infographic

Reverse osmosis is a filtration method that passes water through a filter membrane that has pores that are so small, only pure water is able to get through. Other contaminates are physically too large to pass through the membrane, so they do not enter the drinking water supply.

A graph showing the size ranges of various contaminants and which filters will block them

RO system filters and sanitizer

How Often Do I Need to Change My Under Sink Reverse Osmosis System Filters?

Most reverse osmosis filters need to be changed every six to twelve months. If you have a water softener or well water treatment system, however, you may end up changing the filters more or less frequently.

How Much Is an Under Sink RO System?

US Water Systems is proud to offer top of the line reverse osmosis under sink systems for less than $200. These systems are built to last, and can be easily afforded on most family incomes. We also offer a wide range of filters and membranes for use with most RO systems.

Under Sink RO System Installation

If you are looking to get your own under sink reverse osmosis system installed, all of our systems come with easy to read instruction manuals, which make it a breeze for anyone who is relatively. For those of you who are not plumbing inclined, any licensed plumber will be able to get your system installed without a hitch.

Do you know which RO system is best for your water treatment needs? Call our certified water treatment experts today!



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Our price is lower than the manufacturer's "minimum advertised price." As a result, we cannot show you the price in catalog or the product page.

You have no obligation to purchase the product once you know the price. You can simply remove the item from your cart.