Commercial Water Filters

Whether you're looking for individual filters or a complete commercial water filtration system, you can depend on US Water Systems for a customized system designed to meet your specific water needs. There's no single commercial water filter that can correct every different water problem, but you can rely on our experienced team of Certified Water Specialists to work with you to find the right combination of filters and treatment systems to provide you with the clean water that your business requires. Call our team at 1-800-608-8792 to discuss your water filter needs.


If your business relies on significant quantities of clean water on a daily basis, you know how important it is to have reliable commercial water filtration systems in place. Before you can choose which system is right for your business, however, you need to know what's in your water. US Water Systems offers a range of water testing kits and meters so you can get the most accurate results.

Once you know what's in your water, our Certified Water Specialists can help you find the best commercial water filter system for your business. We offer a wide range of cartridge filters, backwashing filters, deionization systems, reverse osmosis systems, and more to give you the quality of water that you need. Our team has worked extensively with customers in the foodservice and beverage industry, brewers, laboratories, and the hydroponics industry to help them address their water issues. It's important to remember that not only does water have different contaminants depending on where you live, not every industry needs the same water.

Search by industry to find water treatment solutions for your business.

Commercial Backwashing Filters

An illustration showing the different cycles of a backwashing water filterMany businesses looking for commercial water filtration systems will start with a backwashing filter. These commercial water filters include large tanks that contain a filtering medium that is automatically washed and regenerated after a certain amount of time. By periodically running water backwards through the system, cleaning the filtering media and rinsing away impurities, they can be used again and again often for a year or more before the media is exhausted and needs to be changed. The media in the backwashing filter's tank can vary according to what water problem needs to be treated.

Common backwashing commercial water filter media includes the following:

  • Granular activated carbon (GAC) to remove chlorine and organic contaminants
  • Catalytic carbon to remove chloramines and organics and facilitate oxidation
  • Katalox-Light, which uses oxidation to help remove iron and manganese
  • Calcite and magnesium oxide for pH neutralization
  • Sediment media to remove silt, sand, and large particles

Commercial Cartridge Filters

US Water Double Filter Commercial Housing AssemblySome business prefer commercial water filtration systems that use cartridges instead of backwashing tanks. A cartridge water filter can have a number of advantages, including the fact that the filtering cartridge can simply be removed and replaced once it's exhausted. This type of system can also be easily customized because the filter cartridges are typically made in one or more standard sizes; this means that you can pull out an old cartridge and replace it with a new one that deals with a completely different water issue if needed.

Like backwashing filter media, what's in the filter cartridge will depend on the specific water problem that you're trying to address. You can find commercial water filters made with GAC or catalytic carbon, for sediment removal, to add minerals back into the water, and more.

Other Commercial Water Filter Options

While a standard commercial water filter can handle a wide variety of water problems, you might need additional water treatment depending on your water quality and your business. Dentists and laboratories often require high purity water, for example, while a laundry facility might be more focused on water hardness and pH level. Talk to a Certified Water Specialist at 1-800-608-8792 to discuss your specific industry's water requirements.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Many commercial water filtration systems include reverse osmosis (RO). An RO system works by pushing water through a special membrane with very tiny pores that block most contaminants. This results in bottle-quality water. It's very important for water to be pre-treated before it goes through the RO system, however, as certain chemicals (like chlorine) can damage the membrane. In addition, you may need a storage tank, anti-scalant, and disinfection system.


For businesses that require high purity water, such as hospitals and laboratories, a commercial water filter with a deionization (DI) system may be needed. Deionization systems use a special combination of resins – which may be mixed or kept separate that act as ion exchange media. Cation resin attracts positively charged ions in the water, while anion resin attracts are negatively charged ions. The resin then exchanges these ions for hydrogen and hydroxyl ions respectively. When combined, the hydrogen and hydroxyl form pure water.

Deionization systems can be expensive, especially because the process required to regenerate the resins uses chemicals that cannot simply be rinsed down the drain. They produce exceptionally pure water, however, and can be worth the cost for some businesses.

Ozone Systems

Ozone is a very strong oxidizer and sanitizer, and commercial water filtration systems that use ozone are very effective at treating water for many different types of contamination. Unfortunately, ozone can also be more expensive to produce and maintain than other systems, and it usually needs to be combined with other technologies such as a carbon commercial water filter to be at its most effective.