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Ozone Water Systems

ClearWater Tech LogoOzone is the most powerful oxidizer commercially available on the market today. Stronger than chlorine or hydrogen peroxide, this naturally occurring gas is extremely effective at disinfecting and sanitizing water and leaves no chemical residue. US WATER SYSTEMS is the premier distributor for ClearWater Tech Ozone Systems, who is the industry leader in high quality, long lasting ozone systems. Could your business benefit from an ozone water system? Call the Certified Water Specialists at US Water Systems today at 1-800-608-8792 and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs and find the right water treatment system for you


Ozone Oxidation Strength


O3  - The Outstanding Oxidizer

Ozone, molecularly known as O3, is an outstanding sanitizer and is relentless in its attack of organic microbes, such as bacteria, viruses, and cysts, including Giardia and Cryptosporidium. Through “lysing,” ozone breaks down cell walls, where it can then destroy the nucleus of the microbe. In addition to sanitation, ozone is known for its ability to oxidize inorganic material that could be present in water, such as metals like iron, sulfur and manganese. Although there are a few stronger oxidizers, ozone is the strongest that is readily available for commercial or residential use (see Figure 1). In fact, it is 1.5 times stronger than chlorine and many, many times faster acting.

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How Ozone is Made

An ozone water purifier goes through several steps to produce clean, pure water:

Stage 1 - Oxygen Concentration

Air consists of roughly 21% oxygen, 78% nitrogen, and 1% other gasses. Before the air is turned into ozone, an oxygen concentrator cleans the air of other molecules, leaving just the oxygen (O2) behind.

Stage 2 - Ozone Generation

Using the corona discharge method, an electrical current splits the O2 molecules to create single atoms of oxygen, which attach themselves to other O2 molecules. The result is an O3 molecule – also known as ozone. This process also occurs naturally during lightning storms which accounts for the distinct smell after a heavy storm.

How Ozone Works Infographic

Learn more about how an ozone generator works

ozone removal purposes

A Multi-Purpose Solution

While leaving no off tastes, chemical by-products or residues, ozone purification is widely used in bottled water plants, wineries, breweries, and food processing plants all over the world. Furthermore, because of its higher oxidation strength, ozone cannot build up a tolerance to microbes unlike other sanitizers, such as chlorine. Here is an excellent white paper on “The Benefits of Ozone for Cryptosporidium Inactivation” by Marc DeBrum.

EarthsafeA great benefit derived from using an ozone purifier is that it does not just sterilize Cryptosporidium and other microbes, but it effectively kills them. What’s more, ozone water purification can also help treat other contaminants that may be in the water, such as color, tannins, sulfur, iron, and manganese. Ozone can provide a great resolution for many water quality issues.

US Water Systems is a distributor of ClearWater Tech Ozone Systems as well as other ozone purification products from a number of world leaders in ozone technology. Find out how ozone can help you by contacting one of our highly experienced Ozone Engineers in our Engineered Solutions Division. Call us at 1-800-608-8792 or email us at and let us engineer a solution for you.

Table courtesy of ClearWater LLC and Water Technology Magazine.

Ozone Purifier Applications

The US EPA lists ozone as an approved technology for drinking water treatment. For many years, in the U.S. as well as around the world, ozone water purification has been recognized as a safe and effective technology for treating all types of water in homes, small community water systems, municipalities, business and industry. It is widely known that ozone is one of the strongest disinfectants available for treating water containing bacteria, viruses, Giardia and Cryptosporidium.

Other ozone purifier applications include:

  • Removal of organic and inorganic compounds
  • Removal of micro-pollutants, such as pesticides
  • Enhancement of the flocculation/coagulation decantation process
  • Enhanced disinfection and reduction of disinfection by-products
  • Odor and taste elimination
Home OzoneCommercial Ozone

Complete Water Treatment Systems

Rarely is an ozone water purifier a system in and of itself. In most cases, it’s just one part of an overall system that may include any, some, or even all of the following:

  • Micron sediment filtration
  • Carbon filtration
  • Scale control
  • Chemical feed
  • Water conditioning and softening
  • Deionization
  • Reverse osmosis
Commercial Water TreatmentBy Industry

Ozone Reviews & Comparisons

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Our price is lower than the manufacturer's "minimum advertised price." As a result, we cannot show you the price in catalog or the product page.

You have no obligation to purchase the product once you know the price. You can simply remove the item from your cart.