Commercial Water Systems

Water is used by virtually every industry in some capacity. We have arranged a wide variety of different types of water filter and filtration systems specific designed for you business needs. No matter if you use water in your manufacturing process of have waste water that is regulated to meet specific government standards US Water Systems can help.

Browse the type of water filter systems for your type of business or if you need help give one of our certified water quality specialists a call. * New: check out our new water filter and filtration system leasing program and prevent a large capital expenditure.

Food ServiceFood Service / Beverage

Water is used in the food and beverage industry as an ingredient, in the manufacturing process, and sanitizing and cleaning. Ensure the quality of your water by treating it right.

Beverage and Food Service
Coffee Shops
Bottled Water Plants
Beverage Processing

BrewingBeer Brewing / Distilling

Water is an essential ingredient in beer brewing and distilling, not just for flavor, but it also supports the yeasts. Proper water treatment is essential for consistency of the final product.

Beer and Craft Beer Brewing

AgricultureHydroponics / Agriculture

Most hydroponics applications require the water used to be relatively pure. Unfortunately most potable water supplies do not meet the requirements necessary for good growing.

Livestock and Poultry

Car WashCar Wash

Water is used in almost every phase of a car washing. From the initial pre-wash spray to the final spot free rinse, having good quality water is vital to every car wash.

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LaboratoryLaboratory / High Purity

Water is the most common solvent used in laboratories so its quality is the key to getting good results and not ruined results. Achieving this level of quality depends on selecting the right technologies for filtration and purification.

Laboratory Deoinized Water
Dental Offices

HumidificationHumidification / Misting

Misting systems are an important part in any greenhouse climate control system. They help regulate both temperature and humidity in the environment. Produce misting is also important because it helps extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.

Produce and Meat Misting


Process water is one of the most common items in any manufacturing facility. These processes include: cleaning and rinsing of parts, cooling, transporting parts, pollution control, and many others.

Anodizing and Parts Washing
Cooling Towers


Water quality is one of the most important factors in the laundry industry. Factors of most importance are hardness, pH, presense of heavy metals, and suface tension.

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Water Filtration Equipment Leasing Program

Have a new startup company? How about been a long running company that needs to update and or upgrade your water filtration systems. The cost of buying a new water filter system can be a large capital expenditure for your business. That cash flow could be better severed running other parts of your business. That is why US Water Systems is happy to introduce their new commercial water filter and filtration leasing program. Here are 4 benefits of leasing water filtration and equipment over buying it.

      1. Conserve and Control Cash: Equipment leasing helps you save working capital for your day to day expenses. Also by leasing commercial water filter equipment you have a monthly fixed cost line item helping you budget more effectively.
      2. Upgrade Old Equipment: Water filter technology has made many improvements over the years. By upgrading to the newest systems you can stay on top of and make use of the latest advances in equipment and technology.
      3. Tax Benefits: Lease financing presents a possible tax benefit for your company. In many cases easing not only provides businesses with a full deduction of lease payments against current earnings.
      4. More Attractive Balance Sheet: Monthly lease payments are viewed as a business expense instead of long-term debt. Having little debt on your balance sheet helps you secure financing to fund your business.

Leasing options for you business type are listed on our product pages when available. Just look in the œadd to cart box for the link titled œCommercial Leasing Available or call a US Water Systems sale member at 1.800.606.8792