ClearWater CD300 Microzone Disinfection/Sanitation Ozone System

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The Microzone Ozone System by Clear Water Tech is designed to produce ozone for disinfection, sanitation, and/or oxidation at 0.2% concentration by weight. This system is capable of outputting 0.3 grams/hour @ 6 SCFH. The microzone ozone system is designed to accommodate residential pools, small aquariums, water vending machines, and more.

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Product Description

ClearWater TechMicrozone 300 Dissolved Ozone Disinfection/Sanitation System

Microzone Systems by ClearWater Tech use corona discharge (CD) technology to product ozone from a compact-sized unit. This ozone generation system is a plug-and-play product line that is simple, cost-effective, and delivers huge benefits of traditional sanitation systems. The Microzone series of ozone generators are wall-mounted and require no air preparation.

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Need help sizing your system? Give one of our certified water specialists a call at 1-800-608-8792.

ozone applications


  • Better sanitation - Complete disinfection on contact
  • Eliminates odors - Powerful, but safe, oxidation
  • Saves money - Reduces or eliminates chemical use
  • Saves time - Disinfectant produced on-site (no storage, mixing or handling of chemicals)
  • Protects the environment - Ozone reduces wastewater pollutants

Microzone Ozone Generator DiagramApplications

  • Residential Pools/Spas
  • Ornamental Water Features
  • Small Aquariums
  • Water Vending Machines
  • Water Store Recirculation Systems

Design Features

  • Easy-to-Read Instrumentation
  • Fully Adjustable Ozone Output
  • No Air Prep Required
  • Low Power


  • 0.3 grams/hour @ 6 SCFH
  • 0.20% concentration by weight
  • Electrical: Universal  120V/60Hz 0.25 AMPS
  • Dimensions:  5.375" x 5.875" x 2.0"
  • Weight:  2.0 pounds 

*Call for other voltage options

Unit Grams Per Hour @ SCFH Concencration By Weight @ Rated SCFH

Vacuum [-5 in Hg] Pressure [10 psi]

120V/60Hz, AMPS

H W D Wt. [lbs]
CD200 0.3 @ 6 0.2% V 0.25 (12VDC) 5.875" 5.375" 2.0" 2lbs

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Additional Information

Availability Out Of Stock
Manufacturer ClearWater Tech
Dimensions Dimensions: 5.375" x 5.875" x 2.0"
Weight: 2.0 lbs
Grams Per Hour @ SCFH 0.1 grams/hour
Concentration By Weight @ Rated SCFH 0.2% Oxygen Concentration by Weight

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  • What is the water flow rate for this system? How long would I have to have it on to produce around 300 gal of water?

    Because of the many factors regarding water quality we recommend you give one of our Certified Water Specialists a call to better answer your questions.