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Chlorination & Iron Removal Systems


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Chlorination Removal

If you have chlorine in your water supply and are seeking treatment for it or wish to know what the symptoms of chlorine are, we provide multiple systems to aid in the process of chlorination removal on the button below.


Well Water Treatment

Well water is common throughout parts of North America, and with it’s relative wide spread use comes a variety of problems that can only be addressed with well water treatment systems. If you have a house that uses well water, then you are likely familiar with the foul smells, rust stains, and strange colors that accompany it. Fortunately for you, well water treatment is something that US Water Systems specializes in.

What Problems does Well Water Cause?

Everyone has different water, and without a water test it is impossible to know for certain which well water treatment would work best for you. Though it might be possible to give you an insight on what is present in your well water. If you have a foul smell that comes from your showers and sinks, it is likely that you have a high amount of sulfur in your water supply. Another common problem with well water is a strange orange or rust colored stain that is left on the water fixtures. This stain is actually rust, that is caused by a high concentration of iron in the water supply.

Sulfur and Iron Removal

While sulfur and iron are often the two biggest reasons people invest in well water treatment, they are not always the biggest problems. You should conduct a water analysis to ensure that there are no other outstanding problems in your water such as microbes or arsenic. Only after conducting a proper water test can we be sure that we have the most effective treatment solution for your needs.

Arsenic and Microbiological Removal

Organic arsenic is another common occurrence in well water, it can be effectively treated with a hydrogen peroxide system, or by one of our green wave water conditioning systems. Microbiological contaminates such as viruses, mold, or fungus in the well water should be treated using a ultraviolet system. A UV System will prevent these microbes from replicating and prevent them from causing damage to your health.

Post Filtration and Well Water

Though it is not always necessary, it is highly encouraged that anyone who has had well water treatment also opt into a post filtration system such as a reveres osmosis system. While treated well water will be safe to bath in and clean in, the healthiest water for human consumption is one that is clean of all microbial threats, iron, rust, and hardness. To effectively treat these contaminates from your well water, you should look into a well water treatment that includes a reverse osmosis system.