Why Would Anyone Want a Water Softener With a Smartphone App?

Why Would Anyone Want a Water Softener With a Smartphone App?
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By Mark Timmons
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I think a better question is “why would you not want a water softener controlled with a Smartphone App?”  Some people will say “Well that is just too fancy for me.”   Humor me for a second:  If you have ever had a water softener and the power went out and you had to re-program it, how did that go?   

Do I push the down arrow twice and then the up arrow followed by the left or right button… I forget…”  With a Smartphone App, your Smartphone communicates with the water softener controller via Bluetooth and all you have to do is push a button on your phone that says, “Set Softener to Time on Phone.”  2 second and you are done.  No manuals to read, no figuring out complicated programs and no dinosaur buttons to push. 

But wait, there’s more. OK, I couldn’t resist that, but there is a lot more to a Smartphone controlled water softener. With a standard water softener, you have very little control of programming, salt usage and historical data, such as peak flow rates and gallons used.  However, with a Smartphone controlled water softener, you can “fine-tune” all of the setting, including cycle times, salt usage, wastewater and calendar overrides. 

If you like the “slick feeling” of soft water, you can easily achieve and maintain that and if you don’t then that is also easily programmed.  In short, a water softener that is controlled by a smartphone app is much more precise, efficient and economical. By the way, the smartphone app is free for both Android and iPhone users on Goggle Play of the Apple App Store. 

Technologically Enhanced Water Treatment

There’s still more. Once you have a smartphone-controlled water softener, you can obtain the following information: 

  • Current Water Flow Rate 
  • Total Gallons Treated 
  • Total Gallons Used Since Last Reset 
  • Gallons of Water Used a Day 
  • Total Regenerations 
  • Water Usage Between Regenerations 
  • Peak Flow of Water 

Knowledge is power and with a US Water Systems Smartphone Controlled Water Softener, you will know exactly your softener is doing and how efficiently it is doing it, allowing you to “fine-tune” the softener for the greatest economy and efficiency.  

So, I think the question should be:  “Why aren’t all water softeners controlled with a smartphone app?  By the way, the valve and electronics of all our Smartphone controlled water softeners have a 10-year warranty and that warranty include the electronics. 


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August 12, 2020