US Water Systems Partners With Mission 22

US Water Systems Partners With Mission 22
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What Is Mission 22

Founded in 2013 by former Green Beret Magnus Johnson, Mission 22 operates under the motto "United We Heal" and has taken immense steps to help in the fight against veteran suicide. The organization supports the veteran community with three main programs, veteran treatment, memorials, and community outreach via social impact. Mission 22 provides treatment programs to veterans that are struggling with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress), TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), and many other issue veterans face. Mission 22 serves combat veterans, those injured in training who therefore could not deploy, and victims of MST. Mission 22 also has an Ambassador volunteer program for people to get involved as well. Ambassadors educate the public on veteran issues, help get veterans into Mission 22 treatment programs and create resources in their communities. Through these three programs, it enables a push for the betterment of our community and support when veterans need it the most, right now.

US Water Systems' Role

Starting Monday 4/19/2021 we have pledged to donate 5% of every US Water Systems branded product we sell to Mission 22. Our goal is to raise as much as possible and exposed the startling adversity that our Veterans face. According to the US Department of Veterans Affairs, there were over 6,000 veterans in the country who committed suicide during 2017. In fact, since  2008, there have been at least 6,000 veteran suicides every year. They also report that the suicide rate for veterans is 1.5 times that for non-veteran adults. Suicide prevention is a priority, and we believe that Mission 22 is an organization that helps to address this situation by giving veterans the resources and support that they need.

We realize that not everyone who reads this may be in the market for a new water treatment system, so if you'd like to help support the fight against veteran suicide please click the donate now button.

Meet Our Veterans

Name: Chris Fields

Branch: Army

Rank: Sergeant

Deployments: OEF 1 & OEF 2

Position: Squad Leader

Current Role: Marketing Manager 

Name: Michael Galbreath

Branch: Marines

Rank: Sergeant

Deployments: Okinawa, Japan

Position: Squad Leader

Current Role: Customer Sales Rep 

Name: Scott Price

Branch: Navy

Rank: Seaman (SN)


Position: Operations Specialist (OSSN)

Current Role: Technical Support

Name: Clyde Boggs

Branch: Army

Rank: Specialist

Deployments: OSS & OFS

Position: Gunner

Current Role: Builder

April 19, 2021
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