Is a Salt-Free System Right for Me?

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By Mark Timmons
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Is a Salt-Free System Right for Me?


Q. My wife and I are struggling to understand our recent water test and determine what water treatment we need if any. I'm wondering if you can help us? We are considering the limeblaster.

We are in northern Minnesota and have well water. We have a white chalky film in our shower. We have rust stains in our toilet. Since we have had soft water in the past at another home; we think we have hard water. We are experiencing difficulty lathering soap in laundry and shower. And finally, my wife has complained of dry skin.

Based on all of this we had our water tested. The results of the two tests are.

1. Hardness, Total (as CaCO3) 110000 ug/L

2. Iron 280 ug/L

It seems that our water is not terribly hard, nor is the iron content extremely high.

Could you help us with direction? Do you think we need more testing? Do you think we would benefit from the Limeblaster? We are reluctant we just purchase a softener (salt). Would a conditioner be better for us?

Any help you can be is greatly appreciated, thank you.

Kind regards,

Mr. B


What complicates this issue is that there are a number of companies selling what they say are salt-free "water softeners" which, in fact, do not soften the water.  We do not call our Limeblaster a water softener because it does not soften the water.  In fact, the majority of the people who use a Limeblaster do not like it... IF THEY HAVE EXPERIENCED SOFT WATER! 

Like every other salt-free technology out there, you will use 50% more soap in the laundry.  White clothing will yellow and colored clothing will not be as bright.  Soap will not lather in the shower and you will still have that chalky film in the shower and spots and streaks on your glasses, dishes and silverware.

It doesn't sound to me that you are down for that - I would not be. If you have ever had soft water, it's hard to go back to having hard water and the facts are: Salt-Free Conditioners do not soften the effects of hard water. Here's a video that helps support that:

However, before you do anything, I recommend this first:

America's Best Water Test.

...It tests for 34 contaminants that can be the most troubling to remove. You may have a high level of some contaminant, but other competing contaminants can interfere with the ability to remove that contaminant. That's why it's vitally important to have a good Laboratory Water Analysis like this. It's only $49.95 and it tests for things like Hardness, Iron, pH, Fluoride, TDS, Tannin, Arsenic, Chromium, Manganese, Sodium, Silica, Magnesium, Chlorides, Sulfates and many others.

Best of all, if you purchase the systems we recommend, we will refund DOUBLE the amount you paid for the test. That's right, we will give you a $100 credit against the system we recommend. You will love your water, if you test it properly and apply the right solution. That's where we can help - we will recommend a solution that we guarantee to solve your water problems and one you can really live with.

May 5, 2019
Kelli Grey
May 20, 2019 at 3:15 PM
Can I use the Lime Blaster and a salt water softener? Blaster before the salt? Want to get rid of the scale build up. Have North Star softener that is original to 1998 house.
Mark Timmons
May 20, 2019 at 7:43 PM
I guess you can, but why? A softener will get rid of scale build up just like a conditioner. A "conditioner" will not give you all the benefits of a "softener," but a softener will give you many more benefits than a conditioner. That said, it would not hurt anything.