Fall in love with your water again

Fall in love with your water again


Americans have always had a love for water.  In fact, tv shows and movies from the 1950’s through the latest episodes of today’s hit shows and blockbuster movies all have scenes in, on, around, underneath, or consuming water.  It is hard to unsee once you look for it.  Social norms include buying bottled water by the case, filling up containers for the road, the gym, the jog or the walk through the neighborhood.  Even our pets are getting the best when it comes to water.  Let’s be honest, water is one of the true backbones of our society.

To add some perspective, it was not very long ago that filling a cup with water out of the kitchen sink was the norm.  Grabbing the garden hose, turning on the spigot, and drinking until you were ready to explode was something kids did every day, in every city across the country on any given summer day in the US.  Folks would wash the “family car” in the driveway, have water balloon fights and spray each other with hose water as part of the everyday fun that came along with spring and summertime in Anytown, USA.  Somewhere in the early 1990’s, we lost our way.  And we lost our love for our water.

Prior to the early 1990’s, there was no such thing as bottled water because we had no reason to “fear” our water.  The only “bottled water” was something you saw in the hallway corner of some office or the break room.  It had this bulky base with a lever on it that sat under a massive 5 gallon jug that was delivered on a routine schedule by a guy in overalls with his name on the shirt pocket.  Office staff would simply walk up with their cup, press the lever, listen to the sounds of the bubbles rising to the top, and away they’d go with water in hand.  Parents today instruct their children to “never drink from the water fountains at school” because they fear exposure to germs, question the source of the water and have overall lack of trust in the water that our cities offer to us in our homes, our businesses and our schools, among other places.

Americans today are concerned about the water quality which leaves them few options for keeping themselves and their children hydrated.  At least that is the perception.  Bottled water is a multi-billion dollar industry with the 2 most popular drivers being the same folks who “own the soda and soft drink markets”.  Consider the amount of money that is spent to influence Americans to buy their soda products, then consider also the same for those who create the messaging around the “critical need for bottles water” made of course, by them.  You can’t go to a single sporting event, pass by a single vending machine or even visit a single school in the US without seeing the “SOFT DRINK GIANTS” products in the vending machine, on the cafeteria cooler and displayed boldly across the scoreboard as “a proud sponsor”.  And they are not the only game in town…one need only look on the grocer’s shelves to find over a dozen companies on display.

While we have no war with bottled water, we must also recognize that the contribution bottles make to the landfill problem in the US is significant.  Our oceans are littered with plastic bottles and our landfills are overrun with the plastic bottles from “sea to shining sea” ; none of which are likely to ever biodegrade.  We can do better, and we can do it without much effort.

Consider that the average American family spends about $100 per month on bottled water; from the cases at the grocery store to the $3.50 bottle at the convenience store, it all adds up.  Consider too, that if you live in a home, a townhouse, an apartment or a condo, you can install a filter that delivers healthy water to a single tap or to the entire home in each faucet and spigot.  In a few simple steps, you can drink right from the kitchen sink, refill your favorite container and cut ties to bottled water forever.  These solutions are inexpensive.  Other, more comprehensive solutions can be more costly, but only if not weighed against the significant savings one finds when no longer buying cases of water at the local store.

So, we have now traveled down this journey looking back at the “the way things used to be” which is really only fair if we give you some hope for today and our future; something you can grab hold of and feel better about “the way things can be today”.

Here at US Water Systems, we make it our mission to help Americans fall in love with their water all over again, each and every day.  We make products that restore the health to our city water. We make the products that allow you to have no fear or concern when you take a drink from your outdoor water hose on a hot summer day.  We make the products that give you freedom from bottled water and allow you to do your share in impacting the damage plastic bottles are doing to the environment. 

We recognize that making a dent in the bottled water crisis is a daunting task.  It is a major undertaking and not one of us can do it alone.  We invite you to visit with US WATER today.  Take a minute or two to find an easy to install solution that allows you to fall in love with you water all over again.

February 24, 2022
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Lori Roscoe
April 14, 2022 at 12:26 PM
What is best for 13 hard water with .08 iron, pH 7.1, alkaline 181?
Mark Timmons
June 27, 2022 at 5:07 PM
The best is a water softener, such as this: https://www.uswatersystems.com/matrixx-water-softener-with-smartphone-programming.html