Does UV Disinfection Make Sense?

Does UV Disinfection Make Sense?
By Mark Timmons
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us-water-whole-house-professional-uv-system-28-30-gpm-400-uvs-30-326The obvious answer is "Yes, of course it does." Ultraviolet disinfection or "UV" has been around for many years and is a generally accepted technology to disinfect drinking water.  More and more families are embracing ultraviolet technology as a way to disinfect their water.  The question in many people's mind is not whether UV makes sense, but the question is whether UV technology is "the best" method to disinfect water.  Let's look at the technology and compare to see if UV is the right disinfection for you and your family. First of all, not everyone is even convinced that they need to disinfect their water.  "The city is responsible for making sure I have safe water" is something that is frequently said.  If you truly believe that your water is always safe because some government official says it is, well I can't help you.  Maybe ignorance is bliss, but it can also be dangerous.  We all need to open our eyes and realize that in the USA, our water infrastructure is aging and many cities frequently have "boil orders."  That means that it is not safe to drink the water. It has probably already happened to you. Other families have wells and believe that their water is just fine... but have they had the water tested?  I knew a family who had a lengthy history of gastronomical issues.  It wasn't until they listed their home for sale and a failed bacteria test alerted them to the fact that their water was contaminated.  There are many sources of underground bacterial intrusion into water supplies.  This is not something you can just take for granted.  If you have well water, you are responsible for the safety of your water.  What are you going to do?  Ignore it and hope it goes away? Whether you are on city water or well water, one thing is for sure: you are the one who is ultimately responsible for treating it to make sure that it is safe.  Properly treated, your family's water will be safe and clean and you will have the peace-of-mind of knowing that you took the necessary steps to make sure the water was safe.  So, that brings us back to the question:  "Does UV Disinfection Make Sense?" Yes it does, but you also need to compare apples to apples.  Have you ever had a power failure?  Has your power ever went out or even flickered?  If you have ultraviolet disinfection and the power fails... even for thirty seconds, the water that passes through the "disinfection chamber" is untreated and the pipes downstream are contaminated with bacteria.  Unless you re-chlorinate the pipes and faucets, the bacteria stands to keep living inside the plumbing. But, don't they make ultraviolet lights with sensors and solenoids that shut the water flow down in case of a power failure?  Yes, and that is what you need in order to be assured of continual disinfection.  Well that and don't forget that the bulb has to be replaced every year, and that it uses $30 or $40 a year in electricity and solenoids and ballasts and controller are electrical devices that frequently go bad.  Selling ballasts, bulbs, quartz sleeves and UV parts is big business.  A 10 GPM NSF Certified UV system which has the sensor and  solenoids will cost well over one thousand dollars. Now, compare that to Silecte™ Quantum Disinfection which uses no chemicals, no electricity and protects you and your family against bacteria 24/7/365, even during power failures and you us-water-silecte-quantum-disinfection-system-10-20-gpm-485-silecte-iq-d98will begin to understand why it is rapidly becoming the best available technology or disinfecting water.  It is NSF Certified under Standard 42 and is now being used by the US EPA in disaster relief skids for Haiti and Ethiopia as the best available technology.  In third world countries, they cannot depend upon continual electricity.  In fact, many areas are "off the grid."  It makes no difference with Silecte™ as it works completely without electricity. At US Water Systems, we are going to continue to offer you the best available technology to make sure that your water is the best it can be and that you and your family have the best and safest water possible.  Yes, we have UV, but we believe that Silecte™ Quantum Disinfection is much better.  Compare and we think you will agree. Science has created a revolutionary breakthrough technology called Silecte™ Quantum Disinfection which is a superior method to kill microorganisms.  At US Water Systems, we believe that science is most beautiful when it's simple... and Silecte™ is about as simple as it gets! quantumvsuvnew  
December 26, 2016
January 19, 2017 at 3:26 PM
I was wondering if there are any independent published test results of your Silecte disinfection media. Everything written about it appears to be by yourself, Silecte or Claire-Tech all of which seem to be affiliated? I'm quite interested in the technology, but generally like to see independent confirmation of experiments.