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The Dirty Little Secret About Reverse Osmosis

OK, this is nothing salacious – I just like the headline!  Well, there is actually truth in that headline.  The dirty secret is: the inside of a residential reverse osmosis tank accumulates and breed heterotrophic bacteria over time. Heterotrophic bacteria are microorganisms that use organic carbon as food.  They are detected using Heterotrophic Plate Count ...

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Quantum Disinfection: A Better Disinfection Solution Than UV

Water treatment professionals have long known that ultraviolet light does not “technically” kill microorganisms.  They understand that UV damages the DNA of a bacterial cell so that it cannot replicate.  Essentially, it is rendered dead because it cannot replicate.  However, they are still in the water, even if they are “dead men walking“!  Now, we also find ...

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Rethinking Lake and Pond Water Treatment

I installed my first lake water treatment system over 40 years ago and since then we have treated hundreds of lake water systems in the traditional manner, like the system in the above photo (link is below): Not only do we use chlorination, but we also use ultraviolet for disinfection as Giardia Cysts and ...

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Reverse Osmosis Systems Waste Water

I was asked this question today: “RO systems waster water and I decry waste.  Why would I want to use an RO system?” My response is simple, because I am partial to RO:  Reverse Osmosis is the singular water treatment process that removes the largest spectrum of contaminants. Translation: If you don’t have a reverse ...

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A Breakthrough Technology So Powerful It’s Changing the World!

What I am about to tell you might defy what you already think you know, but rest assured, this is not a fairy tale.  It is true and it is here and now! I am talking about the Silecte™ media which is the world’s ONLY disinfection media.  Silecte™ is quantum level sanitation.  Silecte™ KILLS BACTERIA through lysis. Bacteria ...

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Do Salt Free Water Softeners Work?

The simple and easy answer is NO, because in actuality, what many companies call “Salt-Free Water Conditioners” simply do not soften the water. By definition, a water softener is any device that reduces the hardness to below one (1) grain per gallon (gpg).  If it doesn’t do that, it’s not a water softener.  We have tested ...

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Fleck ProFlo SXT 5000 and 7000 Valves

I recently had a customer ask about the Fleck ProFlo 5000 and Fleck 7000 valves.  They wanted to purchase a ProFlo 5000 SXT Softener and a ProFlo 7000 SXT Filter.  I had to tell them that I would not recommend that.  Why? Here’s the thing: Fleck is obsoleting the 5000 and 7000 models on September 30, 2016.  It ...

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Flint, Michigan Times 2,000

Any consumer who gets their water from a public utility can ask their water provider about the drinking water quality or they can access information on the internet about the water quality. But that begs the question: Can the results be trusted?  Congress held hearing on this every issue last week where Marc Edwards, a ...

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Don’t Think That Flint, Michigan is Alone!

By now, just about everyone who has not been hiding under a rock in America has heard about the lead water problems in Flint, Michigan.  According to the World Health Organization: “…lead affects children’s brain development resulting in reduced intelligence quotient (IQ), behavioral changes such as shortening of attention span and increased antisocial behavior, and ...

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How Much Less Water Does a Permeate Pump RO Waste?

Question: “The specifications on the Aquapurion Permeate Pump RO for water consumption claim much less waste than a standard unit. In a residential application on city water at 60-70 PSI input pressure how much waste would a standard RO and how much water would a Permeate Pump RO waste? Our water is about 25-30 grains hard and ...

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