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Is Alkaline Water Beneficial?

I think the better question should be:  Is Alkaline Water Safe? This is going to be the start of an ongoing discussion and several sources will be listed: Dr. Mercola has this to say about alkaline water: Many alkaline water enthusiasts are convinced its powers are unparalleled and will vehemently defend it. I am also ...

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The Best Way to Test Your Water

A good detailed water analysis is vitally important, especially if you are on well water.  A thorough water analysis is like a blood test or x-ray for your water and is the ONLY way that you can really know what is in your water so that you can properly treat it.  The problem is:  many ...

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Does UV Disinfection Make Sense?

The obvious answer is “Yes, of course it does.” Ultraviolet disinfection or “UV” has been around for many years and is a generally accepted technology to disinfect drinking water.  More and more families are embracing ultraviolet technology as a way to disinfect their water.  The question in many people’s mind is not whether UV makes sense, ...

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Who Is Treating Your Water?

That may seem like an odd question, but it is one that you really have to consider.  There are several water treatment companies that have popped up across the internet the past few years.  These companies were started by slick marketing and business people who have taken an idea and parlayed it into big business. ...

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The Best Way Prevent Limescale in Water Heaters

Anyone who has hard water knows about “Limescale” in pipes and appliances, but did you know that limescale rarely forms in the cold water plumbing?  Ask any plumber – they can tell you that limescale is prevalent in hot water lines, hot water heaters and the hot water side of appliances and plumbing fixtures.  Why is that? ...

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The Ultimate RV Water Filter

For over 15 years we have provided all type of filtration and water treatment systems to RV’s whether it be small pop-up camper or a large million dollar luxury coach… and everything in between. Actually, I installed my first RV filter system almost 40 years ago in an old Airstream…. but I digress. If you ...

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Robert Slovak – The Grandfather of Modern Day Reverse Osmosis

Almost 35 years ago, Robert Slovak taught me a great deal about Reverse Osmosis.  Without further ado, I invite you to watch and listen to what he has to say about reverse osmosis and water treatment processes.  He’s still the leading authority on drinking water.

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Preventing Scale in Tankless Water Heaters

Most tankless water heater manufacturers have a disclaimer in their warranty. One major tankless water heater manufacturer says this: “Warranty shall be void in the event of an occurrence of any of the following:…. Any damage caused by local adverse conditions including but not limited to hard water deposits, lime or mineral build-up…” has ...

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Salt Free Water Softener Deception

For the record, if you Google “Salt-Free Water Softeners” you will find quite a few companies who say they have them.  Therein lies the deception because they don’t.  Aquasana, Futura, Lifesource, NuvoH2O, Pelican and several others say that they have a salt-free water softener.  The only problem is that they don’t!  Salt free water softeners ...

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Water Treatment for Growing Marijuana

It used to be that we would get calls from customers who wanted to have good water for a “growing operation” but what they were growing was always a little sketchy.  Of course, they weren’t saying… but we pretty much knew they were growing marijuana.  However, these days as marijuana laws relax, we have many ...

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