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Reverse Osmosis Systems That Kill Bacteria

Everyday, consumers purchase hundreds of Reverse Osmosis systems for the purpose of protecting themselves and their family from chemicals and contaminants such as arsenic, lead, chlorine, pesticides, and high TDS while mistakenly believing that their new reverse osmosis system will also eliminate bacteria – IT WON’T!  Reverse osmosis is not designed to remove bacteria.  In ...

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Pulsar Quantum Disinfection – The Power to Change the World

What if I told you that there was a way to kill bacteria in water that was instantaneous, consumed no power, used no chemicals and needed no maintenance? Pulsar™ Quantum Disinfection™ harnesses the same force that binds the universe: subatomic attraction.  It uses no electricity, it adds nothing to the water, there are no chemicals and it ...

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Is RO Water Good for You?

Question: I am looking for an under the sink water filter/purifier. I have well water in upstate NY. I also would like to have the water tested (it was tested for bacteria but not anything else). Do you have a water test the would check for chemicals, pesticides…etc? Also radon? We currently have an RO ...

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Question About Drinking Soft Water

A reader recently asked: “Have you guys ever tested how much salt is actually put into the water supply with a salt-based water softener? How do salt-free conditioners prevent calcium and other minerals from coming out of solution? Does this prevent the body from absorbing such minerals? There are so many videos out there that ...

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Water Can Cause Eczema Problems With Skin and Hair

Question:   Our city switched to chloramines two years ago, which I found out when discussing our skin issues with friends. Son has had eczema since birth, which has erupted into what looks like heat rash on the lightest parts of his body. Telling him to take yet another shower doesn’t seem to help. Baby ...

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Is Alkaline Water Beneficial?

I think the better question should be:  Is Alkaline Water Safe? This is going to be the start of an ongoing discussion and several sources will be listed: Dr. Mercola has this to say about alkaline water: Many alkaline water enthusiasts are convinced its powers are unparalleled and will vehemently defend it. I am also ...

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The Best Way to Test Your Water

A good detailed water analysis is vitally important, especially if you are on well water.  A thorough water analysis is like a blood test or x-ray for your water and is the ONLY way that you can really know what is in your water so that you can properly treat it.  The problem is:  many ...

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Does UV Disinfection Make Sense?

The obvious answer is “Yes, of course it does.” Ultraviolet disinfection or “UV” has been around for many years and is a generally accepted technology to disinfect drinking water.  More and more families are embracing ultraviolet technology as a way to disinfect their water.  The question in many people’s mind is not whether UV makes sense, ...

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Who Is Treating Your Water?

That may seem like an odd question, but it is one that you really have to consider.  There are several water treatment companies that have popped up across the internet the past few years.  These companies were started by slick marketing and business people who have taken an idea and parlayed it into big business. ...

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The Best Way Prevent Limescale in Water Heaters

Anyone who has hard water knows about “Limescale” in pipes and appliances, but did you know that limescale rarely forms in the cold water plumbing?  Ask any plumber – they can tell you that limescale is prevalent in hot water lines, hot water heaters and the hot water side of appliances and plumbing fixtures.  Why is that? ...

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