Apology to Our Customer’s For Netsuite Debacle

I would personally like to apologize to our customers for poor service on Monday, July 23rd and Tuesday, July 24th.  Over the past 3 years. we have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into Netsuite Software systems which is our “gateway to you” – the customer. Netsuite integrates with our phone system which is with a partner of Netsuite, called Contivio.  If Netsuite and/or Contivio goes down, we are essentially out of business. One of the main reasons we chose Netsuite was that they are a powerhouse, owned by Oracle and we felt secure with their ability to deliver.

This week, Netsuite unexpectedly went down, and as a result, Contivio also went down and effectively put us out of buisiness for somewhere between eight to thirty-six hours. Netsuite went down due to an “unexpected power outage.” You would think that a company as big as Netsuite (owned by Oracle) should have redundancy in their power sources… but they evidently don’t have enough. Our customers could not contact us, could not order and were very upset about it.  Of course, many assumed the worst “They must be out of business.” This hurt our customers, our reputation and cost us tens of thousands of dollars.  Of course, since we have paid them so much for their software, I am sure they will reimburse us for our lost profits. [That is pure sarcasm]

Again, I apologize to our customers and prospective customers. We are profoundly sorry for the problems we experienced due to Netsuite’s actions.  We hope you do not question our company as much as we do Netsuite, but realize that you might.  We are evaluating as to whether we want to continue with a company who has such an ability to shut us down without notice,  That is not acceptable to us. We would like to earn back your business and ask that you give us another chance.  We care as much about your water as you do.

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