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Q.  I have iron bacteria and my well company gave me a backwashing carbon and some other white media that goes on the bottom is that going to eliminate my problem?

A.  Based upon what you have told me, I would say there are two chances:  Slim and None!  Before you do anything, do this first: 


Q.  We have professionally installed ecco water softener ph system in our unheated garage in DE and in colder climate the other night blew up. Tank is not below 49 so how can brine solution freeze? Were not informed of this at pos pls replky.

A.  If it was not below 32 degrees, it would not blow up, unless you had crazy high pressure. A little crack in the garage wall or door can let in a lot of cold.


Q. I live off grid and have to haul my water. I am going to collect rain water from a metal roof with a 1st flush system. My question is do you know about Hanish water BioGuard-1 water filter and does it work? or I was considering a 5 micron pleated filter then a 1 micron filter then charcoal filter and final a 40 watt UV light. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions?

A.  No clue what that is, but here’s what we have, and if you are off-grid, electricity may be an issue.  Why use UV?  This works just as good without electricity:


Q. About the Lime Blaster: We have hard well water. My wife’s main concern is the staining on the toilet porcelain. How could this product help if it is focused on heated water?

A.  Scale occurs when water is heated.  Staining is usually from other things, such as iron… and depending upon the severity, it can do a good job at preventing stains.


Q.  I have a 24 room motel on one water source with 12 water heaters. We have high sulfur water supply and have to treat the water heaters with hydrogen peroxide regularly which requires flushing the tanks. Is there a better way to treat the whole system for this many rooms?

A.  Absolutely!  Our OXi-Gen Systems inject H2O2 on a continual basis ahead of a catalytic carbon filter and it eradicates the sulfur 100%!

What size plumbing do you have?


Q.  Hello. I went off to college, and came back to find out my parents had gotten a new water softener. I cant even stand the taste of the water anymore, because it tastes almost like limestone, and when I shower, I feel disgusting afterwards. I have done a little research on this, and it seems that HARD water causes this, but they are SO convinced that this new water softener is making the water SOFTER than before. They say that the feeling is because the water is SOFT now, and I think they have it backwards, and I was interested in seeing what an expert had to say, thank you.

A. It sounds like they may have gotten one of those “Salt-Free Water Softeners.”  They are sold in the Fantasy isle right next to fairy dust and Star Trek Transporters.  I am just making a joke, because there are several companies selling “salt-free softeners” which in reality, do not soften the water.  Does it use salt?   Because if it doesn’t, they have been duped… or if it does, it is not working.  You can test and see with these:


Q.  Recently bought a home with Easywater 2200. Not satisfied, so installed salt water softener. Water is great now. I unplugged the Easywater. Is there any value in leaving it on. Its after the salt water softener. Thanks.

A.  Wrapping wires around pipes doesn’t work?  Shocking! <Joke>  If you take it off and run over it with a steam roller, it will work the same as it does plugged in or unplugged.

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