Should I Buy a Water Softener on Amazon?

We get that question a lot because we have a website called and some people think we are Fleck.  Fleck Controls is a manufacturer of water softener and backwashing filter control valves and is owned by Pentair.  The above question was propounded to us today and here was my answer:

We are a dealer for Fleck, not Fleck.  However, we get many calls a day from irate customers demanding service for their system purchased on Amazon. 

There is no company called “Fleck Structural.”  That refers to a “Fleck” valve and a “Structural” tank.  Both Fleck and Structural are brands of Pentair Corp., the company which own them. 

If you expect support, warranty and service for a water softener you buy on Amazon, you will be sadly disappointed.  Many of the guys selling on Amazon are making $10 to $15 a transaction – they have no resources to offer any warranty or support.

Additionally, Fleck does not offer warranty for any “wear and tear” parts, like piston, seals, motors and brine valves.  When they fail, they say it is just “ordinary wear and tear” and you have to pay for the parts.

We recommend the Aquatrol 56SE which was engineered from the Fleck 5600 SXT, but improved upon in many ways.  All of the parts that Fleck does not cover are covered by us and we have a full technical support department staffed by former installers and water treatment technicians.

There’s an old saying “You get what you pay for.”  It’s never been more true than when you buy a softener on Amazon. Most people  don’t take our advice and find out too late we were right.

Look, I buy lots of stuff from Amazon, but I would likely not buy a mechanical device from them that had water flow through it.  By nature, water softeners require some sort of service, tech support and expertise and the last I checked, you aren’t getting that from Amazon.

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