Sarah asked:

“I am also wondering if you still think Pelican™* NatureSoft does not work. Our water hardness is 595 mg/l and TDS is 702 mg/l. I would prefer a salt free system if any works. Thanks for your help.”

The Water Doctor Replied:

We see very mixed reviews about Pelican™, but I can tell you one thing absolutely for certain:

It is not what they say it is and it does not do what they say.

Let me back that comment up:

Right on Pelicans’™ website they say:
“The Pelican™
Natursoft keeps the healthy minerals in the water so you can enjoy naturally softened water.”

Naturally softened water is water that is devoid of minerals, so how can you enjoy naturally softened water when it still has minerals? Naturally softened water is where water hardness is absent however, when the water is directly from precipitation, snowmelt, or regions such as mountains where there are no sedimentary rock formations. Some cities have naturally soft water (Boston, Seattle, Portland, New York, Atlanta, Baltimore and others). You don’t produce naturally softened water. So, right out of the chute, Pelican™ is giving you erroneous information, which begs the question “If what they say in the beginning is not true, what part do you believe?”

When I read stuff like that, I just shut-down. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!

They go on to state:
“With the NaturSoft system installed you can reduce your soap usage and use more natural soaps with less salts and chemicals.” In fact they say: “Reduces laundry detergents 40-60%”

Again, I am going on record as saying that the above statements are easily proven false. Do a “blind soap test” and you will not be able to see the difference! I have tried it. If I am wrong, I invite Pelican™ to prove it. Here is your opportunity. Show me that your product does what you say and I will retract my statement.

So, back to the original question. “Do I believe the Pelican™ works?” The answer is NO, because it is not what they claim and does not do what they claim. There are several internet companies selling products like this. They are “faceless” companies. Who owns them? What are their qualifications? My wife and I are the owners of US Water (in the interest of full disclosure) and we sell the GreenWave systems. I have 38 years of water treatment experience and am one of the highest certified water specialists in the country.

We don’t claim that we have “naturally soft water” nor do we claim they will save you 40-60% on detergents. What we do say is that the GreenWave prevents scale while removing the undesirable contaminants, but leaving the beneficial minerals. You can find out more about the GreenWave salt-free water conditioners here:

* – Pelican™ is a registered trademark of Pelican Water Technologies. US Water Systems has no affiliation with the company.