Big Blue White Refillable Filter Canister 4.5" x 20" | RC-W-BB-20

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4.5" X 20" Big Blue White Empty Refillable Canister for Granular Media

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Product Description

4.5" X 20" Big Blue White Empty Refillable Canister for Granular Media

  • Can be used with a wide range of media, including carbon, polyphosphate, calcite, resin and other media.
  • Low cost and reusable.
  • Made with FDA approved food grade polypropylene.
  • Includes foam pad.
  • Volume 279 cubic inches
  • 4.5 " x 20"  fits all Big Blue Type Housings
  • Available in White
  • Equivalent to Watts Part Number RC-W-BB-20
  • 6 to a case - Quantity Discounts Available

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Additional Information

Availability In Stock
Filter Type Refillable Cannister
Manufacturer Hydronix

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Product FAQs


Ask a Question

  • What happens if I fill a canister with granular carbon but than after installation very little water flows through? How do I resolve this? Thanks!

    There are several variables that may cause that.  Typically a granular filter like yours is only good for 5 GPM or so.  

  • I have several of these canisters and they're great, but eventually the foam pads wear out. How can I replace those?

    We do not sell the foam pads because the canisters are so cheap to replace, just replace the canister.

  • When you fill a refillable filter do you need a funnel or a scoop? When you fill the refillable filter do you just fill the canister completely?
    For most canisters we use a funnel and fill them full of media. We usually fill them, shake them and top them off. Then install the sponge ends and tighten them. If you are looking at a GreenWave cartridge, it is only partially filled.
  • How much filter media does it take to fill the canister?

    Each canister will hold about .15 cu/ft of media.