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BevProGuard Foodservice And Ice Machine Filter System | BPG-400

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US Water BevPro Guard™ Foodservice and Ice Machine Filter System | BPG-400

Beverage and Food Service refers to the Restaurant and Hospitality Business which involves water treatment for Coffeemakers, Beverage Dispensing, Steamers, Proofers and Ice Machines among others.

In many parts of the country, the water contains significant amounts of hardness minerals – calcium and magnesium. These hard minerals wreak havoc on the internal workings of Icemakers, coffeemakers and beverage dispensing systems, which makes lime scale one of the most costly problems in the food service and beverage industry. Additionally, common chemicals like chlorine and chloramine impart undesirable tastes and odors to beverages. Add in the fact that many water supplies have issues with lead, Chromium 6, PCB, TCE, THM and other chemicals and the problem is apparent.

US Water Systems’ BevProGuard 4-Stage Filtration system solves all of the problems without the expensive “encapsulated” Everpure® or Cuno®-style filters which look cool but are short in the performance category.

All BevProGuard filters are made in the USA, unlike most other Foodservice filters, which are made in China, Thailand, Korea, Mexico or Taiwain. All BevPro-Guard filters are NSF or WQA Certified or made with NSF and WQA Certified materials.

Filter Stages

  • Stage 1: Made in USA Sub-micron Pulsar Disrupter Pre-Filter – Filters sediment, bacteria, virus, cysts, lead and even Chromium 6.
  • Stage 2: Made in USA Carbon Block – Filters chlorine, chemicals, pesticides along with tastes and odors.
  • Stage 3: Made in USA Second Carbon Block – This is a uniquely designed carbon block which is formulated to remove Chloramine along with chlorine and many other chemicals. With more and more cities switching to chloramine, this is an essential module.
  • Stage 4: Slow Release Polyphosphate Cartridge – Specifically formulated for a “controlled-release of polyphosphate which provides extended protection of beverage dispensing systems and ice machines. Effectively reduces scale by separating hardness particles so they cannot precipitate and form deposits when heated. These cartridges are used with many commercial grade coffee and tea brewing machines, ice makers, beverage dispensing equipment and water misters.


  • Filter Size:  2.5" x 20"
  • Inlet/Outlet:  3/8" FNPT
  • Maximum Flow Rate:  2 GPM
  • Maximum Pressure:  75 PSI
  • Maximum Temperature:  125°F
  • Materials Of Construction
    • Filter Housings:  Polypropylene
    • Filter Caps:  Polypropylene
    • Filter O-Rings:  EPDM

Filter Size

2.5 x 20 (19.5)

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