BevGuard Everpure Replacement Filter Cartridge | BGE 4200S

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BevGuard is the most cost-effective filter which still delivers superior performance.
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BevGuard™ 0.5 Micron Carbon Block Water Filter with Lime Scale Protection | BGE-4200S

Since water is the key component of the beverages that you dispense, water quality is certainly a major consideration in your food service equipment strategy.  BevGuard is the most cost-effective filter which still delivers superior performance.  BevGuard eliminates the high cost of Everpure filters**. This filter reduces chlorine, tastes, odors, and also protects against lime scale buildup. 

The BevGuard BGE-4200S is designed for the most demanding Office Coffee Service, Ice Machine and Food Service applications.  This BevGuard replacement replaces most Everpure filters.


bgh-4200s diagram

Fits Everpure** Models and Replaced the Following Everpure Filters

  • 4C,
  • H-54,
  • H-104
  • MD-CN,
  • PBS-400,
  • S-100,
  • S-101,
  • SPA 400
  • H-300
  • H-300M
  • H1200
  • HF-H
  • PRO3500
  • MH
  • OW200L


  • The BevGuard BGE-4200S  filter is a carbon block filter with Lime Scale Protection for longer filter life and a greater flow rate.
  • Significantly reduces hardness buildup due to minerals in the water supply, but does not remove minerals which may be beneficial to health.
  • Most brands have .42 oz to 1 oz of polyphosphate, but the BevGuard BGE-4200S Filter has 8.0 oz of polyphosphate for dramatically superior lime scale prevention.
  • The plastic internal liner eliminates the potential for leaks from the body of the filter as no water can make contact with the aluminum housing.
  • The best part about these filters is that no activation is required. The filter will be at maximum performance right from the start upon installation. 
  • Utilizes all NSF Certified Carbon.
  • BevGuard® has been Tested and Certified to ANSI/NSF Std. 42 for chlorine reduction, material requirements and structural integrity.
  • Long lasting, typical lifespan 6 – 12 months.


  • Filter Application:  Chlorine/Taste/Odor, Particulate & Scale Inhibitor
  • Filter Type:  Carbon Block and Polyphosphate
  • Micron Rating: 0.5 Micron
  • Cartridge Style:  Quick Change
  • Flow Rate: 2.9 gpm/10.978 lpm
  • Dimensions:  21 ½ Inches (54.61 cm) Tip to End
  • Operating Pressure:  25 psi to 125 psi (1.72 bar – 8.62 bar)
  • Temperature Rating: 35 to 100° F (1.7 - 38° C)
  • Filter Life: 12 months or 40,000 Gallons (156,416 liters)
  • Case Quantity: 4 Cartridges per case

Bevguard vs Everpure Comparison

Everpure Micron Flow Rate - Life BevGuard BGE Flow Rate/Life
7FC-S 0.5 2.5GPM - 25K 4200S 2.9GPM - 40K
7FC5-S 5 2.5GPM - 25K 4200S 2.9GPM - 40K
7SI 0.5 3.5GPM - 25K 4200s 2.9GPM - 40K
HC 0.5 2.5GPM - 7K 4200S 2.1GPM - 29K
HC-H 0.5 2.5GPM - 7K 4200S 2.1GPM - 29K
HCH-CTO 0.5 2.5GPM - 7K 4200S 2.1GPM - 29K
HF 0.5 2.5GPM - 7K 4200S 2.1GPM - 29K
HF-H 0.5 2.5GPM - 7K 4200S 2.1GPM - 29K
PBS-400 0.5 2.2GPM - 3K 4200S 2.1GPM - 29K
SPA 400 0.5 2.2GPM - 3K 4200S 2.9GPM - 40K

NOTE: BevGuard filters should not be used with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality, without adequate disinfection before and/or after the filter. 

Quantity discounts available. 4 Cartridges to a case.

** Everpure is a registered trademark of Pentair. Inc.


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