Affirm Financing

What is Affirm?

Affirm is a financing alternative to credit cards and other credit-payment products. Affirm offers instant financing for online purchases to be paid in fixed monthly installments over 3, 6, or 12 months.

Am I eligible?

In order to be eligible for Affirm financing, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Not a resident of West Virginia or Iowa
  • Can provide a valid U.S. home address
  • Can provide a valid U.S. mobile number with the account registered in your name
  • Provide your full name, email, DOB, and last 4 digits of your mobile number for identity verification.

How does it work?

During checkout, select 'Pay with Affirm'.

The Affirm widget will open and prompt you for a few pieces of information. This must be your own, valid information.

Affirm will send a text message to your phone for verification.

You then enter into the widget the code Affirm texted you, after a few seconds you will be shown your loan details that include:

  • Loan amount
  • Interest Rate
  • Number of months to select (3, 6, or 12)
  • Your fixed monthly payments, and total amount of interest paid over that time.

To accept the loan, click the "Confirm Loan", and you are done.

 For more information,visit Affirm's site here.