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Water Testing

water testing Why Should I Test My Water?

 Whats Your Water Problem?

There is an old saying in the Carpentry Business - "Measure Twice - Cut Once!" Yet, people continue to want to install water treatment devices on their water systems WITHOUT any testing and then are stunned to find out they don't work. Proper water treatment starts with accurate water testing. Whether it be a simple home hardness, iron and pH test, testing the TDS with a handheld meter or having a detailed water analysis by an accredited laboratory, US WATER recognizes the fact that having the cleanest, most pure water available starts with good testing practices. We have water tests that you can complete yourself, as well as professional-grade test kits which are good for multiple uses. If you have questions about which method is best for testing different contaminants or what test you should use, you can e-mail us at [email protected] or call one of our water experts at 800-608-8792.