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Synergy Twin-Tank Cation/Nitrate Water Softener

  • Synergy Twin-Tank Cation/Nitrate Water Softener

Synergy Twin-Tank Cation/Nitrate Water Softener

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Continuous Water Conditioner For Softening & Removing Nitrate

Softens the Water, Removes Clear-Water Iron and Removes Nitrate


  • The Continuous Dual Media conditioner has two chambers for two different medias.
  • The top chamber has Cation Resin for softening and the removal of iron, while the lower chamber has Nitrate Resin for Nitrate removal.
  • Full 1" Flow Valve will flow up to 20 GPM, but for best results, 15 GPM is the recommended maximum flow
  • Just Two Internal Moving Parts in the Water Stream Keeps Service at a Minimum and Makes Service Very Simple When Required
  • Saves up to 75% on salt
  • 12 volt system uses less than $3.00/year electricity
  • Meter automatically adjusts to any changes in water usage to save salt and keep you from running out of soft water while also removing the tannin.
  • Regenerates only when needed, based upon actual usage
    • (A) Premium High-Efficiency Standard Mesh Ion-Exchange Resin is engineered to last a lifetime;
    • (B) Nitrate-Selective Resin is used for removal of nitrate
    • (C) Patented Vortech Tank uses up to 40% less regeneration water and prevents water channeling
  • Regenerates with clean, soft water to keep internals in like-new condition
  • Fills brine tank with clean, soft water - which means less service
  • Two Models:
  •   53,000 Grain Softening Capacity/1 cu/ft Nitrate resin
  • Lifetime Warranty on Tanks - 5-Years on Valve & Electronics
  • High flow design maximized today's high efficiency valve technology
  • Permanent attachment of dip tube to distributor, so when servicing a valve, distributor stays in place, no more re-bedding
  • distributor plate is designed for over 6,500 lbs load capacity
  • Self-cleaning nozzle design
  • Increase in softening capacity due to improved flow through media
  • No channeling of media, providing a cleaner more efficient system
  • Environmentally friendly, reduction in required backwash times due to improved bed lift at lower flow rates
  • Tank is the Greatest Technological Advancement in Water Conditioning since the Meter (Demand) Control - It makes ALL The difference!

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Manufacturer US Water Systems
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