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inFUSION OXi-Gen Combo Iron, Sulfur, & Hardness Eradication System

  • inFUSION OXi-Gen Combo Iron, Sulfur, & Hardness Eradication System
  • inFUSION OXi-Gen Combo Iron, Sulfur, & Hardness Eradication System

inFUSION OXi-Gen Combo Iron, Sulfur, & Hardness Eradication System

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inFUSION OXi-GEN Combo Eradicates Iron, Manganese & Sulfur & Softens Hard Water

The inFUSION OXi-GEN Combo marries the inFUSION Chemical Free Iron, Sulfur & Manganese Eradication System to the inFUSION Professional-Grade Heavy-Duty Water Softener system.  It offers everything that comes with the inFUSION OXi-GEN System, plus the following features and benefits of the inFUSION water softener for well water:

  • Advanced Technology Saves Up To 75% on Salt - The inFUSION Heavy-Duty Commercial-Grade Control Valve that has proven itself extremely dependable and reliable.
  • Computerized Demand (Meter) Control - The inFUSION water softener automatically measures the amount of soft water used and regenerates only when needed based upon the gallons used.
  • Digital LCD Display - Provides critical information on water usage and gallons remaining.
  • High Efficiency Ion Exchange Resin - Softens the hardest water with the least amount of salt using 10% cross-linked resin (simply the-best-of-the-best).
  • Built-in By Pass Valves - Allows you total control to shut off either tank when needed with the stainless-steel bypass.
  • 24 Volt Electrical System - Both tanks of the inFUSION OXi-Booster System combine to use less than $10.00 electricity a year with no danger of electrical shock.
  • Just One Moving Part in the Water Stream - Piston and seal technology has been the best time-proven design.
  • Lifetime Warranty on Tanks - Both the media tanks and brine tank carry a full lifetime warranty, as does the softening resin in the infusion softener.
  • 5-Year Valve & Electronics Warranty - 100% warranty on the valve and electronics for 5 full years.
  • Valve is Easily Removed From the Tank for Service - The simplest system to service in the industry.

US Water inFUSION OXi-Gen Combo Engineering Specifications

169-IOG-1C 8 GPM 10" X 54" - 1.5 cu/ft 9" x 48" - 1.0 cu/ft 3 People, 2 Bathrroms
169-IOG-2C 10 GPM 12" x 52" - 2.0 cu/ft 10" x 54" - 1.5 cu/ft 5 People, 4 Bathrooms
169-IOG-3C 15 GPM 13" x 54" - 2.5 cu/ft 12" x 52" - 2.0 cu/ft 6 People, 5 Bathrooms
169-IOG-4C 20 GPM 16" x 65" - 4.0 cu/ft 13" x 54" - 2.5 cu/ft 8 People, 7 Bathrooms

If you require higher flow rates than 20 GPM, contact one of the water treatment specialists at US Water.

Specs / Warrantty

Availability Typically In Stock
Manufacturer US Water Systems
Warranty No

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