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Green Wave Cascade Saltless Water Conditioner With Chlorine Removal

  • Green Wave Cascade Saltless Water Conditioner With Chlorine Removal
  • Green Wave Cascade Saltless Water Conditioner With Chlorine Removal

Green Wave Cascade Saltless Water Conditioner With Chlorine Removal - 12 GPM

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Green Wave Cascade Saltless Water Conditioner With Chlorine Removal


The Green Wave Cascade is a saltless water conditioner with enhanced chlorine removal to remove harmful contaminants while leaving the beneficial minerals AND eliminating scale in the process!  Now with Nucleation Assisted Crystallization or NAC which has proven itself to be the most highly advanced process in the water treatment industry.

No-Salt . Non-Electric . No Waste . Anti-Scale 

Chlorine Removal . Water Conditioner

  • For homes up to 3.5 baths and 5-6 in the family
  • New Filtersorb SP3 NAC Media is NSF 61 Certified

  • All System Parts and Components are NSF 61 Certified 

  • No Chemicals - Nothing is Added to the Water

  • No Regeneration - No Drain Connection

  • No Backwash - Zero Waste

  • No Valve - No Moving Parts

  • No Electricity - Nothing to Set

  • No Maintenance - Change the Filter Every 6-12 Months

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Green Wave Cascade is easy to install, easier to operate and tough to ignore. It requires no drain connection, no backwashing and discharges no waste water. You will have no salt bags to lift, no resin, no hassles. No Kidding! Maintenance free - just change the filter once a year! With a Green Wave Cascade system you remove the harmful contaminants while leaving the beneficial minerals. You actually prevent scale and even remove existing scale from your plumbing system.

The Problem  Calcium and magnesium creates scale in pipes, on appliances and other plumbing surfaces. This leads to higher energy and heating costs and expensive repairs to appliances, such as ice makers, coffee makers, dishwashers, washing machines and faucets. Scale can also be a source for bacteria to grow, which can be a health concern if you drink the water. On the other hand, calcium is important to human health and supplements are recommended if calcium is reduced or totally void in one's diet. A secondary problem is that most water contains chlorine, chloramines, pesticides, chemicals, tastes and odors.

The Solution  If you consider yourself to be environmentally conscious, then you may want to consider the most environmentally friendly water conditioning system on the planet. The GreenWave Cascade Water Conditioner with Nucleation Assistsed Crystallization transforms calcium ions into calcium crystals, which are stable and and cannot attach to pipes, surfaces, hardware or heat exchanger components, such as water heaters. The crystals are so small they are easily rinsed away by the water flow, since they cannot adhere to the plumbing surfaces.

Now with NEW Filbersorb SP3 NAC Media The Filtersorb SP3 Media with Nucleation Assisted Crystallization (NAC) is environmentally safe and was initially developed to serve as an alternative to commercial softeners used for scale control. Another reason for the development of the NAC Saltless Anti-Scale media was to address the heightened concern by health and research agencies that through the usage of residential softeners in second and third world countries, calcium and magnesium were being removed from home water supplies and causing serious health problems due to the lack of these vital minerals and the excess of sodium in the drinking water.

The NAC Anti-Scale saltless media addresses both of these concerns and is a major break-through in the anti-scaling water treatment market for both commercial and residential applications and has proven to be a successful alternative to commercial and residential softeners. The Filterborb SPC NAC Anti-Scale saltless media is manufactured in a clean room environment and has a sophisticated manufacturing cycle which goes through multiple manufacturing quality control tests.

Additionally, the GreenWave Cascade system also removes or reduces the chlorine, chemicals, chloramines, pesticides, tastes and odors. With the GreenWave Cascade you remove the harmful contaminants while leaving the beneficial minerals, but you also prevent those minerals from forming scale.

Are you confused by all the claims from companies claiming to sell salt-free or saltless water softeners?  If you have looked at a Pelican NatureSoft Salt-Free Water Softener and are considering buying one, then you owe it to youself to compare it to the Green Wave Cascade which has beter flow rates and removes chlorine, tastes and odors in the process.

How The GreenWave Cascade Works

    • STAGE 1The water enters the US Water Radial Flow Carbon Filter which removes or reduces chemicals and contaminants smaller than a red-blood cell. The filter is of the radial-flow design. This means that you generally only have to change the filter once a year.
    • STAGE 2- Next, the water flows into the bottom of the NAC tank which transforms the calcium ions into calcium crystals, which are stable, or inert, and cannot attach to pipes, surfaces, hardware, fixtures or heat exchange components in the water heater.

Call one of our experts at 800-608-8792 or e-mail us at for the real story on salt free water softeners or salt free water conditioners.

 Required Operating Conditions:

  • Feed Water pH: 6.0 - 9.0
  • Feed Water Temperature: 41 - 120 deg F
  • Maximum Chlorine: 3 ppm
  • Maximum Hardness: 75 GPG (call for custom sizing on hardness over 30 GPG)
  • Maximum Iron: zero mg/L
  • Maximum Manganese: zero mg/L
  • Maximum Hydrogen Sulfide: zero mg/L
  • Maximum Oil: zero
  • Maximum Copper: 1.3 mg/L

Specs / Warrantty

Availability Typically In Stock
Manufacturer US Water Systems
Pre-Filter Yes - 4.5" x 20" Radial Flow Carbon
Amount of MEP Media 5 Liters - 9" x 48" Tank
Carbon Filter Yes - 4.5" x 20" Radial Flow Carbon Pre-Filter
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty

Customer Reviews

Wonderful Water Review by Joe
I bought this system directly from the US Water website and got their "SuperBowl Special" discount. I have been researching water systems for the last year. There is lots of BS out there on water treatment and the subject is so convoluted and variable that even Consumer Reports will not wade into it. US Water does a great job of supporting their customers and does not shy back from telling the truth, even if it hurts. I appreciate that. I had done my homework and obtained a water report from my little utility here in east Texas and actually talked with the supervisor, so knew more about my water than most consumers. All water, especially public, will vary, so the report is only a snapshot of a particular sample.

The dose of chlorine gas in my water tends to stay about 2ppm, the limit being 4ppm. The mineral content is high, about 553 mg/l, but thankfully no iron. That level of minerals built up a nasty looking scale on our new glass fixtures. I was determined to do something about it.

I purchased the 15gal/minute unit even though it is just the two of us because our water pressure is already low. The sales people are very helpful describing the various options. The unit arrived promptly and was well packed--but no instructions. A call back pointed me to a link with the instructions on their website. Two days later, a box arrived with a US Water water bottle and the instructions. They are proactive.

I am not a plumber and wanted a bypass system in case I had a filter problem so the house could still get water. (You know there will be a problem someday--especially if you are not ready for it.) Plus, the charcoal filter is one inch PVC and the MEP filter 3/4. I was attaching 1" PEX. So, it took three trips to the hardware store to get all the fittings to do it. And you can sure tell an amateur was on the job. There is no bracket for the MEP can, so I pounded a fence stake in the ground and roped it off. It fit right in with rural east Texas. I will build a pump house around it someday--someday soon.

Anyway, if I were to start over, I would ask US Water about helping with the plumbing and maybe getting it all on one bracket so it does not look all hacked up. I will post a picture, so professionals can have a good laugh.

The actual effect on the water was fantastic. No leaks on the system and water is wonderful, a completely different flavor. Although technically not softened at all by the MEP, it still feels soft and we use less soap. The existing scale is starting to soften and crumble. We keep hot water soaking in the sink at night to help this process out. This was money well spent in my mind and would recommend it to others. (Posted on 12/25/13)
Excellent System and Truthful Salespeople Review by Walter S.
I checked out all the other companies offering salt-free systems but many called them salt-free softeners. I knew immediately that was a scam. When I talked to US Water, Aaron explained that it didn't soften the water, but rather helped prevent scale. He told me what it would and wouldn't do and I appreciated his candor. I have had my system for over a year and keep forgetting to write this, but I can safely say that you won't find a more truthful company and I love my Green Wave. (Posted on 12/2/13)

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