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Flex High-Performance Metered Compact Water Softener-Flex-20

  • Flex High-Performance Metered Compact Water Softener-Flex-20

Flex High-Performance Metered Compact Water Softener | Flex-20

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Join the FLEX Revolution - High-Performance High-Efficiency Water Softening



High-Efficiency Water Softener that Uses as Little as 1.5 Pounds of Salt and 9.6 Gallons to Regenerate

Engineered for the ultimate in efficiency on municipal water applications so that it uses over 75% less salt and water than conventional water softeners.  If that doesn't blow you away, just wait until you find out that it has a 7-year system warranty and lifetime tank and cabinet warranty.  Why would you ever buy any other water softener?

Maybe you were thinking about buying a water softener from Lowes or Home Depot or Menards or Sears, but were disappointed when you found out they had a 1 or 2 year warranty on the valve and electronics.  If you consider the US Water Flex Water Softener, you will soon realize you are getting a professional-grade, high-efficiency water softener at a price just a  little more than a Lowes Water Softener, Sears or Kenmore Water Softener or a Whirlpool Water Softener.  This is also the most compact water softener on the market.


  Hardness (grains per gallon)
# of People
in Household
10 15 20 25 30 35
1 FLEX-20 FLEX-20 FLEX-20 FLEX-20 FLEX-20 FLEX-20
2 FLEX-20 FLEX-20 FLEX-20 FLEX-24 FLEX-34 FLEX-34
3 FLEX-20 FLEX-24 FLEX-34 FLEX-34 FLEX-34 FLEX-34
4 FLEX-24 FLEX-34 FLEX-34 FLEX-34 FLEX-34  
5 FLEX-34 FLEX-34 FLEX-34      
6 FLEX-34 FLEX-34 FLEX-34      
7 FLEX-34 FLEX-34        
8 FLEX-34 FLEX-34        
Larger system recommended:  

Features and Benefits:

  • Professional-grade water softener with features found only on the most expensive water softeners
  • Compact, space-saving appliance design fits condos, motor homes, apartments, coffee shops and anyplace where space is at a premium
  • Over 75% less salt and water is required for regeneration
  • Highest efficiency fine mesh cation-exchange resin
  • Just one internal moving part means fewer problems
  • Push to release salt lid for easy refill
  • Model FLEX-34 also removes and/or reduces chlorine, tastes and odors with Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)
  • Intuitive electronics with intelligent computerized electronic meter control
  • 12 volt electrical system - no danger of electrical shock and uses approximately $1.69 electricity per year
  • Simple programming - no confusing codes or symbols
  • Rotating performance information on the display
  • Fully adjustable cycles for peak efficiency
  • Most compact water softener on the market





Saves You Hundreds of Dollars over the Life of the Softener




Specifications FLEX-20
SKU# 100-FLEX-20
SKU# 100-FLEX-24
SKU# 100-FLEX-34
Maximum Hardness Removal 19,500 grains 24,180 grains 34,320 grains
Maximum Efficieny 4,875 grains/lb salt
Factory Setting - High Efficiency
Salt Used 1.5 lbs 2.1 lbs 2.4 lbs
Water Used 9.6 gal 11.7 gal 15.8 gal
System Capacity 7,300 grains 10,200 grains 11,700 grains
Optional Setting - High Capacity
Salt Used 3.0 lbs 3.7 lbs 5.3 lbs
Regeneration Water Used 16.9 gal 21.4 gal 32.5 gal
System Capacity 10,200 grains 14,800 grains 21,200 grains
Activated Carbon No No Yes
Integrated Meter in Bypass Yes Yes Yes
Plumbing Connections 3/4" or 1" 3/4" or 1" 3/4" or 1"
Flow Rate @ 15 psi Pressure Drop 10.9 gpm 10.2 gpm 10.0 gpm
Salt Storage Capacity 80 lbs 120 lbs 160 lbs
Electrical Requirements 120V 50/60 Hz
Maximum Water Temperature 120 degrees Fahrenheit
Water Pressure min. 20 - max. 120 psi
Foot Print 13 inches wide x 18 inches long
Shipping Weight 58.5 lbs 68.3 lbs 84.3 lbs


Specs / Warrantty

Availability Typically In Stock
Manufacturer US Water Systems
Removes Chlorine No
Inlet Size 3/4"
Resin Type High Efficiency Fine Mesh
Resin Tank Dimensions Internal
Brine Tank Size Integrated
Warranty Tanks: 10 Years
Valve & Electronics: 7 Years

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