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Isn’t the EPA Supposed to Protect us?

Hey, I’ve got news for you – the government will let you down!  I know that shocks people who believe that “cradle-to-grave” stuff, but they will let you down – write it down and count on it!  The latest example is the incredible case of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) who are supposed ...

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Legionnaires’ Disease from Legionella Bacteria

Since July 10, the citizens of New York City have been on alert following the discovery of an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease, a bacterial infection that spreads through water systems and can be deadly to smokers and the elderly. Already, ten people have died, 100 have tested positive for the disease, and officials think more people will ...

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The Acid-Alkaline Truth Exposed!

If you Google “alkaline water”, you will get about 4,250,000 results including all kinds of companies trying to sell alkaline water devices, from ionizers and re-mineralization systems to all kinds of strange things that allegedly add alkalinity to the water.  Of course, most promise amazing health benefits up to and including everlasting life (I am only ...

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What is the best way to remove hydrogen sulfide or sulfur from the water?

The other day, someone told me that because they had sulfur (rotten-egg smell) in the water that they were just going to drill a new well.  OK, maybe you will get lucky, but the odds are against you.  See, if you drill a new well, one of three (3) things will happen: You will get ...

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What is the best way to remove rust or iron?

Some people call it iron.  Others call it rust, but if it produces a brownish-orange stain, it’s iron.  Let me start by saying that there is “NO ONE BEST WAY!”  How to best remove iron depends upon a number of other  issues and levels of certain contaminants.  To effectively remove iron you will need to apply ...

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Should I Hire a Plumber?

My short and direct answer is NO! We do not recommend installers… and especially plumbers.  Most plumbers work under the idea that they need to bill you at least $500 an hour, including parts and labor.  Some plumbers are at $600 to $800 per hour.  Of course, you can’t do that charging for labor only, ...

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What is the Best Way to Treat Water to Brew Beer?

I get that question a lot, and while beer is 91 to 97% water, the answer is “It Depends!” It depends upon a number of factors, such as (1) where you are geographically located; (2) whether you have well or city water; (3) whether your water source uses chloramine or chlorine; and (4) what type of ...

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Do You Want a Made in America RO System?

We have a lot of customers who ask if our reverse osmosis systems are made in America.  We explain that our Galaxy and Aquapurion series are mostly assembled in the USA but they do not use all Made in America parts.  We also explain that our American Revolution RO system is made in America with ...

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The Hard Truth About Salt-Free Water Softeners

For about the last ten years salt-free water softeners have become the dream of many marketing companies.   It’s not like they haven’t always been out there – I’ve been in the water treatment business for 42 years and I have seen plenty of these types of companies come and go – but they are now ...

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Guardians of the Galaxy

I received an e-mail today which said: Hey Mark, After reading a bunch of your info I realized, you guys keep refering your competitors very often. Just curious, who you so worried about?? Sincerely, An Educated Consumer To which I replied: The sentence you wrote first is a fragment, but I am going to assume ...

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