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How Do I Really Know if my Salt Free System Works?

Lots of companies are selling salt-free water softeners and salt-free conditioners.  There are a few tests that you can perform to determine if they are indeed doing what they say. 1.  Test to see if the water really is soft This can be done by purchasing a small professional-grade water hardness test kit like this: [...]

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Explain the Slimy Feeling With Soft Water

Question: Dear Mr. Timmons, You may have received questions similar to the one that I will pose to you from others, but I am quite confused as to what I have read on the internet.  Please allow me to provide you with details. When I take a shower, I want to feel as if all [...]

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Microcystin Emergency in Toledo, Ohio

Many people have never heard of microcystin, but what you don’t know can harm, or even kill you.  This issue arises because the Governor of Ohio, John Kasich has declared a state of emergency in Toledo, Ohio after the water treatment plant testing results showed the water contains microcystin, First, let’s learn about microcystin.  Toledo, [...]

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New and Improved Iron and Sulfur Filters

A backwashing filter, often called an iron filter or oxidizing filter, is the most widely used system for removing iron and sulfur. Iron filters work by oxidizing the iron and/or sulfur and then filtering it out through the media bed. The best medias at removing these contaminants are medias that are manganese dioxide based or [...]

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Will a Salt-Free Water Softener Work for Me?

Let’s get this out of the way immediately:  There is no such thing as a salt-free water softener!  By definition, to be called a “water softener” a device must take the water to below 1 grain per gallon (gpg) of hardness.  You have to be careful of what you believe… even on the internet (SHOCK).   [...]

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Here’s Why We Tell the Truth About Saltfree Conditioners

First of all, we don’t call them saltfree water softeners, because they are not!  We do sell saltfree water conditioners – they are called the Green Wave.   They have their place, but we go to great lengths to tell the customer what they will and won’t do, and calling them “saltfree water softeners” is [...]

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What Kind of Whole House RO Do I Need?

Question for the Water Doctor: “I am purchasing a house with well water.  As a city dweller and the owner of some large aquariums I would like to do whole house RO. Could someone please reach out to me about a good whole house system/setup? I found this link via Google:” Answer from the [...]

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Does Nuvo H2O Soften Water?

I received this question from from Joe Smith (real name).  It turns out that he had a Nuvo H2o “Water Softener” already installed in his house.  Of course, we told him that it doesn’t soften water because, by definition, “soft water” is water that has the calcium and magnesium hardness removed from the water to [...]

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Bottled Water is Dead!

Well, maybe not really “dead” – it’s actually a multi-billion industry, but the clock is ticking on those 5-gallon bottles you see delivered in those big fuel-guzzling trucks by those muscle-bound delivery men.  If you use 5 gallon water bottles in a water cooler, I am here to tell you that  you have a 8-Track [...]

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How Do You Size a Water Softener?

Traditionally, water softeners have been sized using the following formula: Step 1 – Enter the hardness in gpg (grains per gallon); Step 2 – Enter the iron in ppm (parts per million) multiplied by 4; Step 3 – Enter the manganese in ppm multiplied by 6; Step 4 – Add Steps 1-3 to get what [...]

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