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How Often Should I Change My RO Filters?

John asks: I have a water softener and a pre-filter ahead of my Reverse Osmosis System.  How often should I change the filters? The Water Doctor replied: Water quality varies so much that it is impossible to give you an accurate answer.  For example, some water is more turbid and contains more solids.  Water that […]

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The Most Important Water Treatment Method

What is THE MOST IMPORTANT WATER TREATMENT METHOD?  Some people will guess that it is water softening or reverse osmosis, maybe ozonation or ultraviolet, but the fact of the matter is that the most important water treatment method is amazingly simple and woefully under-applied or misapplied.  That method is simple filtration,  which is commonly known […]

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Is Softened Water Bad to Drink?

“My husband is on a no-salt diet – he can’t drink soft water.” Well, if he’s on a no salt diet, he will be dead soon, because you can’t live without salt. “I’m on a low sodium diet and soft water makes my blood pressure go up.” OK, I can address that, but since I […]

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Zappos: A Lesson in Business

A couple/few years ago, I bought the book “Delivering Happiness” by Tony Hsieh (pronounced Shay) who is the CEO of Zappos.  I read it in one night and realized that Tony had condensed the essence of how we were trying to do business.  Now, I have to say that selling shoes is a little different […]

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“They Said They Would Give Us a Free Water Analysis”

“Isn’t that wonderful that Big Name Water Conditioning Company is going to send out a Water Consultant and give us a water analysis absolutely free?”  Maybe you have experienced that and it sounds great, but let me remind you that you usually don’t get anything for free without some strings attached.   There are exceptions and […]

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What on Earth is Brooklynized Water?

A few years ago, an upstart bagel company approached US Water Systems about treating the water for their new chain of bagel stores.  Their story was that some of the best water in the country is in Brooklyn, New York and they say the best bagels come from that type of water.  Brooklyn gets their […]

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Neo-Pure Jumbo 170 Verses Harmsco Hurricane 170

A little history lesson is in order before we start this comparison: Harmsco was founded in 1958 by John Harms.  Harmsco Up-Flow Cartridge Filters were patented and introduced to the market in 1968. Almost immediately, people in the filtration industry took note of the many advantages Harmsco Filters provide. As a result, sales began to […]

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Do They Really Soften Water Without Salt?

I keep telling you NO, salt-free water softeners do not soften water and do not exist, but some people don’t want to believe me. At any rate, I am going to keep telling you and today, I will let you prove it to yourself.  Maybe the truth hurts… Anyway, here are but a few companies […]

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How Do I Really Know if my Salt Free System Works?

Lots of companies are selling salt-free water softeners and salt-free conditioners.  There are a few tests that you can perform to determine if they are indeed doing what they say. 1.  Test to see if the water really is soft This can be done by purchasing a small professional-grade water hardness test kit like this: […]

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Explain the Slimy Feeling With Soft Water

Question: Dear Mr. Timmons, You may have received questions similar to the one that I will pose to you from others, but I am quite confused as to what I have read on the internet.  Please allow me to provide you with details. When I take a shower, I want to feel as if all […]

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