The Hard Truth About Salt-Free Water Softeners

For about the last ten years salt-free water softeners have become the dream of many marketing companies.   It’s not like they haven’t always been out there – I’ve been in the water treatment business for 42 years and I have seen plenty of these types of companies come and go – but they are now […]

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Guardians of the Galaxy

I received an e-mail today which said: Hey Mark, After reading a bunch of your info I realized, you guys keep refering your competitors very often. Just curious, who you so worried about?? Sincerely, An Educated Consumer To which I replied: The sentence you wrote first is a fragment, but I am going to assume […]

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How Much Cryptosporidium do you Like in Your Water?

Water is truly amazing. Not only is it the most consumed beverage in the world, it is also the most useful substance to humans since we first crawled out of the primordial ooze. For thousands of years, people have been finding ways of making the water we use better for everyday life. Technologies such as […]

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Customer Service is an Oxymoron for Many Companies

At US Water Systems, we have over a dozen Certified Water Specialists on Staff.  You might not find twelve total with our top 10 competitors.  We built the back-end of the business BEFORE we built the sales team.  Our employees have nearly 200 years of combined water treatment experience, and when you have a problem, you […]

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What is the Best Way to Remove Chloramines from Your Water?

First of all, before you decide to remove chloramine, you need to understand what chloramine is. Chloramines are formed when a municipality adds a mixture of chlorine and approximately 20% ammonia to the water supply.  Many municipalities are changing to chloramine from chlorine because the chloramine is more stable as it does not evaporate like chlorine, […]

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Are the Minerals in Water Good for You?

Question: I bought a 5 stage RO system from you guys a few years ago and I am finding some information that is a little concerning about RO systems. First, they lack essential minerals that are necessary to our health. Also, the water is very acidic water. Lastly, I read that the plastic membrane leaches toxic […]

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Water Softener Benefits for ANY Bathroom

Is there any bathroom item a water softener will not benefit?? 30 or 40 years ago most homes processed bathrooms that where best described as ‘functional’ and 30 or 40 years ago that was all the was required. Fast forward to today and modern day bathrooms, in comparison to those of yesteryear you might think […]

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How Often Should I Change My RO Filters?

John asks: I have a water softener and a pre-filter ahead of my Reverse Osmosis System.  How often should I change the filters? The Water Doctor replied: Water quality varies so much that it is impossible to give you an accurate answer.  For example, some water is more turbid and contains more solids.  Water that […]

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The Most Important Water Treatment Method

What is THE MOST IMPORTANT WATER TREATMENT METHOD?  Some people will guess that it is water softening or reverse osmosis, maybe ozonation or ultraviolet, but the fact of the matter is that the most important water treatment method is amazingly simple and woefully under-applied or misapplied.  That method is simple filtration,  which is commonly known […]

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Is Softened Water Bad to Drink?

“My husband is on a no-salt diet – he can’t drink soft water.” Well, if he’s on a no salt diet, he will be dead soon, because you can’t live without salt. “I’m on a low sodium diet and soft water makes my blood pressure go up.” OK, I can address that, but since I […]

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